Tasu Review March 2019

Tasu is a yoga wellness subscription box. Get wellness delivered to your doorstep. Receive clean, toxin-free, self-care products every month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Full disclosure – it has been a stressful week. I’ve had way too much going on, and way too much to think about. My brain needs a little break and my life needs some simplicity. So when my Tasu box arrived (among a bunch of other boxes) I reached for it first because I knew it was just what I needed. It’s a wellness subscription, it always includes a variety of self-care goodies, and it’s a beautifully simple box. Sounds perfect.

Subscription Details

From the Tasu website……

SUBSCRIBE TO TASU BOX: Subscribe to Tasu box and receive monthly goodies to support, enhance your wellness lifestyle.

WE CURATE JUST FOR YOU: We will curate your box products made by us and other awesome brands around the monthly theme to support/compliment your yoga lifestyle.

RECEIVE RELAX & DO YOGA: Recieve box full of products to compliment your yoga lifestyle and enjoy!

Here’s a closer look at the items I received in the March Tasu Box….

Myrtle Cleansing Oil ($26)

Made with essential oils of tangerine, turmeric and myrtle this is a powerhouse cleansing oil for any skin type. Just take a few pumps, massage on to face and clean with a warm damp wash cloth. You will see a difference within a few uses.

Yes! This is exactly what I needed. I rave about face oil any chance I get, but until know I have only been using it as a moisturizer. I tried an oil cleanser a few years back and have been meaning to start using one again. I love the way an oil cleanser makes my skin feel – soft and clean.

Golden Glow Tea ($5)

An all organic herbal tea with turmeric, ginger, beet and so many other amazing ingredients that you can ditch your caffeine lattes and just make some golden milk or turmeric lattes. You only need a tiny bit as it is very potent.

I’m making an effort to cut back on my coffee (it’s way more difficult than I thought) so I need all the tea I can get. I think I see turmeric lattes in my future.

Morning Dew Blend ($18)

A 100% essential oil blend of tangerine, eucalyptus and rosemary for the dewy morning feels.

Seeing as it has been a tough week, I’ve been diffusing oils almost every day. I have a diffuser in my bedroom and in the kitchen, and I would really love to add one to my office. This blend will be perfect for early morning work sessions.

Lava Bead Amazonite Bracelet ($22)

A beautiful bracelet with lava so you can add your favorite essential oils on the go. Just add 1 drop and let it sit for a minute to avoid oil stains.

This is such a lovely little addition to the box. I like the idea of wearing my favorite essential oil on my wrist. A bracelet like this is the perfect accessory for me right now. I love the adorable little tassel, and I like that it’s black as it will go with everything.

Linen Spray ($12)

You asked and we made it! Yes it’s a linen spray with frankincense and orange. Washes away easily, stays on for a long time. Just note that it’s only meant for linen.

In addition to it being a stressful week, it has also been one of those weeks where all I want to do is clean my house and purge any unnecessary items. I will use this spray as I clean. It will freshen up my linens, couches, chairs, etc…..

Tasu Review March 2019 – Final Thoughts

I am absolutely thrilled with my March Tasu box. It’s exactly what I needed after a long stressful week. It was like a breath of fresh air and it was a pleasure to unbox. It provided me with some beautiful self-care items, all of which I am excited to use. I love the simplicity of this subscription and the fact that they focus on clean, toxin-free, self-care products. It’s definitely one of my favourite Canadian Subscription Boxes.





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