TeeBlox Review June 2016

TeeBlox Review June 2016

TeeBlox Review June 2016 – I’ve come to really enjoy my TeeBlox packages. I wasn’t too sure about them at first, well let’s just be honest, I was very skeptical. I didn’t really see myself liking a subscription box like this and figured it would just be a one-time review. Fast forward almost a year, and here we are with my 9th review, and I’m still enjoying it.

TeeBlox Details

If you aren’t familiar with TeeBlox it is a monthly subscription service for your favorite tees. They specialize in curating branded shirts in the following categories: Games, Movies & TV Shows, and Beer & Liquor. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

The Box: TeeBlox

Cost: $9.99 per month

What You Get: Each shipment comes with an official licensed tee and 2 of the following collectible gears: posters, comic books, stickers, decals.

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: $2.50

Coupon Code: use code AYEAROFBOXES to get 15% off your subscription – CLICK HERE

TeeBlox Review June 2016 2
Shipping Details

TeeBlox use to ship in a white, logo’d, plastic mailer but this month it shipped in a see-through plastic mailer, which I have never seen before. They don’t include any unnecessary marketing materials, or any box info. I like that they have a flat shipping rate anywhere in the world, and that it’s only $2.50 per month.

TeeBlox Review June 2016 3 TeeBlox Review June 2016 4
Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends Shirt

I had to do a little research on this one as I had NO clue what it was at first. Apparently is an American animated television series created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network Studios. The series, set in a world in which imaginary friends coexist with humans, centers on an 8-year-old boy, Mac, who is pressured by his mother to abandon his imaginary friend, Bloo. It first aired in 2004 and the series ended in 2009.

TeeBlox Review June 2016 5 TeeBlox Review June 2016 6 TeeBlox Review June 2016 7
Comic Book & Poster

When you purchase a subscription you get 2 geeky gears for free ever month. These items can be posters, comic books, stickers or decals.

TeeBlox Review June 2016 – Final Thoughts

I have to admit, this month’s TeeBlox is probably my least favourite. I have discovered I’m not a fan of children’s TV show themed shirts. I definitely prefer the 80’s themed shirts, such as the MTV and PacMan tees I received in previous boxes. I’m also not loving this box because I received the same poster last month. It’s not really a huge deal because I don’t use the posters anyways (they are way too big) but generally speaking it’s a bit of a bummer to receive duplicates in your boxes. I’m interested to see if J will wear this month’s t-shirt….





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