Terra Bella Box Review April 2016

Terra Bella Box is one of the subscription boxes I get the most use out of. I honestly use almost all of the products I receive in this box, every month, and that says a lot, because I’m lucky if I get around to using even one product from most of the other boxes I receive.

If you aren’t familiar with Terra Bella Box it is a different kind of beauty box. They find products that are created in small batches by small businesses, are always cruelty free, and are made with the finest natural ingredients. Good for your body, good for the earth, good for local economies. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

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The Box: Terra Bella Box


  • Terra Bella Box – $34.95
  • Terra Bella Box Lite – $16.95

What You Get:

  • Terra Bella Box – 5 to 6 products each month
  • Terra Bella Box Lite – 2 to 3 products each month

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkout

Coupon Code: use the code YEARBONUS to get a bonus item in your first box – CLICK HERE

Terra Bella Box April 2016 4

I don’t know how they do it month after month, but Terra Bella Box manages to find some pretty cool products to include in the box. Most of the companies included are shops I’ve never heard of before, but  shops I am happy to discover. Some of my all-time favourite beauty products have been discovered in this little green/brown box of happiness.

Terra Bella Box April 2016 6

URBNBODY Tea Tree Foot Salve ($15) – I feel like this product came at the perfect time. My feet get very dry when the seasons change (spring to summer) and they also take a bit of a beating during the warmer months thanks to my running addiction…..and the beach…..and paddle boarding. I like to use products like this before bed.

Queen Charlotte Shaving Cream Sample ($2) – This is just a small little sample but that is ok, I’m really happy to at least be able to test it out. I love shave cream and rarely use the regular old store-bought version anymore.

Terra Bella Box April 2016 7

Mane & Co. Polishing Wax ($22) – This product intrigues me. It says that it can be used for a number of different hair challenges – strengthen hair, define curl, control frizz, enhance shine, add texture, lock in moisture, protect from heat. Seriously, how does it do all of those things? I definitely need to try this one. But the question is…..will it weight down my hair?

Frisky Fish Essential Oil Roller in EXHALE ($14) – Yes!! This is by far the best item in the box. I am obsessed with oil rollers, and use them everyday. The only thing I didn’t like is that it doesn’t really tell me what this one is for. It says something about experiencing the spa wherever you go, but is that what it does? Any who, I did a little research and found this on their Etsy shop:

“Amazing for sinus relief, congestion and clearing out old subconscious junk, EXHALE is stimulating, penetrating and fresh.”

Terra Bella Box April 2016 8

Etherealle Mineral Contour, Highlight, and Blush Sample Set ($8.50) – I’m not much of a contour gal myself, but I love discovering new all-natural brands of makeup. It kind of creeps me out thinking about regular makeup, and what it contains. I would much rather use makeup like this so I know exactly what I am putting on my skin.

Thoughts: Every month when it comes time to write my thoughts about Terra Bella Box, the first thing I always want to say is “this is my favorite box thus far”…..but I always hold back and try to think of something else because I feel like you are going to get sick of hearing it. Either that or you are going to think I am full of it. So rather than tell you this is my favourite box thus far, I am just going to tell you that this month’s box is happiness squared, it’s a breath of fresh air, it’s rosey cheeks, it’s healthy air, it’s smooth legs, and it’s happy feet……….and I love it!





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