Terra Bella Box Review February 2016

Terra Bella Box is one of the boxes I truly look forward to. I can honestly say that I get excited to review this box, and when you review boxes all day every day you definitely don’t get excited about them all. It’s safe to say that there are probably 10 or 15 boxes that I truly like to review, and this is one of them. It’s probably because I am so passionate about the kind of items they include in their boxes every month….I just can’t get enough of them…

If you aren’t familiar with Terra Bella Box it is a different kind of beauty box. They find products that are created in small batches by small businesses, are always cruelty free, and are made with the finest natural ingredients. Good for your body, good for the earth, good for local economies. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

Terra Bella Box February 2016 1 Terra Bella Box February 2016 2

The Box: Terra Bella Box


  • Terra Bella Box – $34.95
  • Terra Bella Box Lite – $16.95

What You Get:

  • Terra Bella Box – 5 to 6 products each month
  • Terra Bella Box Lite – 2 to 3 products each month

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: Calculated at Checkou

Coupon Code: use the code YEARBONUS to get a bonus item in your first box – CLICK HERE

Terra Bella Box February 2016 5 Terra Bella Box February 2016 4

My only complaint about Terra Bella Box is the packaging. Don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely beautiful, and it keeps the items from getting tossed around during the shipping process, but my OCD side hates the little paper bits that get everywhere when I dig the products out of the box…just sayin’.

Terra Bella Box February 2016 9

QC Naturals Lottie’s Body Oil – I use The Honest Company body oil every single day, and am coming to the end of my bottle. I will definitely be switching over to this one while I wait for my next Honest order to arrive. Some people don’t like the idea of using oil on their skin, but I see great results when I do.

Terra Bella Box February 2016 11

Indigo Wild Zum Rub Moisturizer – The Vegan in me is a little sad that this is made with goat’s milk, because it smells amazing, and I really want to use it. I might still give it a try though because it is good for all those problem areas like heels, cuticles, lips, even frizzy hair. It’s a multi-tasker!

Terra Bella Box February 2016 10

Miss Violet Lace Breath Atomizer – I don’t think I have ever used a breath spray before but I love the idea of it. This one is made with 100% natural ingredients and sweetened with stevia.

Whiskey, Ink & Lace Cinnamon Lip Plumper – I’ve received this brand before, and I thought it was in Terra Bella Box but I think it might have been a different box. Anyways, I was really happy with the last product I received from them, and am really happy to try another. I put it on right away, and let me tell you, it definitely works! It’s a little ouchie at first, but it definitely works!

Terra Bella Box February 2016 8

Country Market Crafts Cupcake Bubble Bar & Bath Bomb – This is just so darn cute I almost don’t want to use it. I thought it was just a regular bath bomb at first, but it actually has two different parts. The frosting top will dissolve in the bath and create a glorious amount of bubbles (my words not theirs) and the cake bottom is a bath bomb….how fun is that!

Terra Bella Box February 2016 6 Terra Bella Box February 2016 7 Terra Bella Box February 2016 12

Thoughts: As usual, Terra Bella Box has not disappointed me. I love all the items in this months box, but I always love the items in my Terra Bella Box. Last month contained these amazing smelling salts, which I use every day, and this wonderful eye shadow primer, which I also use everyday. This month I am most excited about the  body oil and the limp plumper…I have already used both. The thing I appreciate most about Terra Bella is the fact that I actually use the items we receive, and that’s the honest truth. And can I just add how intrigued I am by the spoiler for next month? Carrot Tomato Cleanser? Who knew there was such a thing?





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