Terra Bella Box Review January 2017

Terra Bella Box is a monthly subscription box for natural beauty products that are handmade in small batches, by small businesses. They kindly sent me this box for review.

Last month’s Terra Bella Box was pretty great. I have been using 2 of the 4 products on a regular basis. The third and fourth products will be used shortly. I am saving the candle for a special occasion.

I have been reviewing this box since the beginning. And I have always been a fan. Handmade beauty products are my obsession. I’d much rather spend money on handmade products than regular products. Even if it means spending more.

Here’s a look at the items we received this month:

Parlo Cosmetics Moisturizing Shave Cream

Parlo’s Shave Cream is like no other shave aid you’ve used before. Infused with hydrating and luxurious oils to prep your skin for the closet shave possible all while softening your delicate skin. Loaded with natural vitamins and antioxidants to heal and create silky smooth skin.  Free of all unnecessary fillers and chemicals. 

I don’t have to shave too often, thanks to a few little laser treatments, but when I do, I definitely prefer to use a natural shave cream. Something about regular shave cream creeps me out. This natural one smells amazing, and I won’t have to feel bad about putting it on my skin. It’s a blend of tart lime, tropical coconut and creamy vanilla with just a hint of verbena.

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Organic Intensive Skin Therapie

Naturally soothe & heal dry, cracked lips, hands or feet with New Lauren Brooke Organic Intensive Skin Thérapie with Jojoba & Coconut! 

I like to have skincare items like this on hand. Sometimes my hands and feet need a little TLC. I like that it can also be used on lips. This would be perfect to apply after using a lip scrub.

Sugar Dunk MiniDunk Sampler

Try out the MiniDunk Sampler to see which SugarDunk you like best! Give to friends and family as gifts or splurge for yourself with a taste of each scent; mint grapefruit, lemon lavender, cinnamon coffee, and orange vanilla.

I received this fun little sampler in another box and ended up gifting it. I didn’t want to gift it, but I did. The recipient was well-deserving. So just imagine how excited I was to see it in this box. Now I have my own little samplers. I definitely won’t be gifting these ones.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Organic Lip Conditioner

Slather on this balm for soft lips all year long. Mongongo oil has hydrating, regenerating and restructuring properties and offers a unique protection from UV and environmental pollutants in skin applications. Mongongo oil is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, cooper and anti-oxidants.

I don’t think I have ever heard of Mongongo oil before. I say that with hesitation because I have discovered a lot of new oils over the last year, but I’m 95% sure this one is new to me as of today. I’m very intrigued by oils. Growing up I was always scared of it. It’s fattening if consumed, it will clog my pores if applied…..yadda, yadda, yadda. Fast forward a few years and it’s now my best friend. I put oil on most of my food and use it on my face and skin daily. Who woulda thought. Any who……..I am intrigued by this lip conditioner and will probably spend a few hours researching Mongongo oil after I post this review. Because that’s just what I do.

Terra Bella Box Review January 2017 – Final Thoughts

Terra Bella Box makes me happy, for a few reasons. I know the box will be filled all-natural beauty products, I know that it will introduce me to new brands, and I know that it is simple, yet pretty, and too the point. I hope that makes sense. It makes a lot of sense to me. Sometimes I want 4 really great products to focus on and test rather than 6-9. I get overwhelmed easily, and this box does anything but. I always end up using, and loving, most of the products I receive in Terra Bella Box, and I think it is because of the understated beauty. There we go!!! That’s what I have been trying to say this entire time…….understated beauty…….period.





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