The Good Lane Review Spring 2022

The Good Lane is a seasonal subscription box bringing high-quality, ethical, eco-friendly products right to your door. Discover and learn the story behind socially conscious brands that are making a difference. They kindly sent us this box for review.

The Good Lane has become one of my favorite boxes to receive. I absolutely loved the Winter Box and was eagerly waiting for the Spring box to arrive. This will only be my second time reviewing this eco-friendly subscription box but I already love it and would highly recommend it.

Subscription Details

Each The Good Lane box includes 5-8 sustainably and ethically sourced items. From home goods to natural cosmetics to eco-friendly swaps to lifestyle and wellness products they make every effort to source products you’ll love from brands you’ll feel good about supporting. In every box they include at least one eco-friendly swap as well as feature an artist.

Here’s a closer look at the Spring The Good Lane Box….

Upfront Cosmetics Babassu & Argan Hair Masque

Strengthen and deep condition your hair with a handmade hair masque front Upfront Cosmetics. The pack included in your box has enough for 6-9 masque’s depending on your hair length and thickness.

This is the first time I have seen a hair mask packaged like this and I think it is such a genius idea! Plastic free and environmentally friendly! The package includes 3 cubes, you simply take one out, add 1/4 cup boiled water, mix until it resembles a cream and apply to your hair.

Fern & Petal Sunstone Diffuser Bracelet & Essential Oil

Your Spring box includes a beautiful sunstone and rosewood diffuser bracelet paired with a fresh and uplifting essential oil blend called Morning Bliss. Simply add some oil to the rosewood which acts as a natural diffuser. Release any pent up negative energy and start the new season with a bracelet designed to promote warmth and healing.

I absolutely LOVE this bracelet! The sunstone and rosewood beads complement each other perfectly and are giving me happy vibes. The oil we received to go with it is a mix of orange, grapefruit, lemon and lavender. It smells lovely and it’s something I would definitely wear.

Found and Lost Art Greeting Card Pack

Each TGL seasonal box includes a featured artist, in your Spring box you’ll find a greeting card pack from Found and Lost Art. Found and Lost Art creates custom illustrated pieces that are bright, colourful, curious and totally uplifting.

How adorable is this greeting card set? One of the things on my to-do list is to finally create a spreadsheet with all my loved-one’s addresses on it so that I can easily pop a card in the mail whenever I have a few spare moments. I might even take it a step further and pre-print address labels.

Plantish Stain Remover Bar

In addition to a featured artist, each TGL box also includes at least one eco-friendly swap! In your Spring box you’ll find a zero-waste, all natural stain remover bar from Plantish. This stain remover bar works on fabric and multiple surfaces – get rid of grass, red wine, ketchup, blood, grease, underarm staines and so much more! Simply rinse the bar, as your would soap and scrub and/or dab the stain away.

I am so curious to try this stain remover bar. Little Steven is constantly getting stains on his clothes and I would love to have a reliable (eco-friendly) product on hand to easily remove them. I can’t wait to give this a try.

Malia Designs Denim Tote

Say hello to the perfect tote bag for when you’re on the go! Your Spring Box includes an upcycled denim tote bag from Malia Designs which has a zip closure, roller bag sleeve, is lined and has adjustable straps!

I love, love, love receiving reusable tote bags, I can never have too many. This one is high-quality, very sturdy, and it’s pretty to look at. I would have loved it even more if it were black, but that’s a small detail. I might end up using this as an essentials bag for the car.

The Good Lane Review Spring 2022 – Final Thoughts

The good Lane box is such a pleasure to receive. I love that they focus on eco-friendly products, and I also love that each box includes one eco-friendly swap. The Spring box brought with it a lovely mixture of items – hair product, accessory, stationery, cleaning product and reusable tote. I love the variety and will get use out of everything in the box!

-AYOB Sarah

The Good Lane

The Good Lane is a seasonal subscription box bringing high-quality, ethical, eco-friendly products right to your door. Discover and learn the story behind socially conscious brands that are making a difference.

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