The Good Lane Review Winter 2021

The Good Lane is a seasonal subscription box bringing high-quality, ethical, eco-friendly products right to your door. Discover and learn the story behind socially conscious brands that are making a difference. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I’m am VERY excited to share today’s review with you because…….I have a feeling The Good Lane is going to become a new favorite! This is my first time receiving it, and it’s a new box on our website, but despite this being a “new” box….I am already in LOVE!

Subscription Details

Each The Good Lane box includes 5-8 sustainably and ethically sourced items. From home goods to natural cosmetics to eco-friendly swaps to lifestyle and wellness products they make every effort to source products you’ll love from brands you’ll feel good about supporting. In every box they include at least one eco-friendly swap as well as feature an artist.

Here’s a closer look at the Winter The Good Lane Box….

Facial Oils Set – Holistick

Holistick is a Canadian clean beauty brand that focuses on using simple and luxurious plant-based ingredients. All products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. With every purchase, Holistick donates money to the Borneo Nature Foundations which supports planting efforts and endangered species conservation in the Borneo Rainforest. Your Winter box includes two of Holisticks’s best selling facials oils: the Bulan and Matahari. 

The Bulan contains 7 plant-based ingredients to help balance your skin, heal inflammation and give you the “I woke up like this” glow. Matahari contains 8 premium plant-based ingredients to keep your skin youthful, and naturally targets fine-lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. 

First up we have this gorgeous face oil duo. It’s almost too pretty to use. I kind of want to put this little set on display. But….at the same time, if something is this pretty, it makes me think it probably does amazing things for your skin. And….face oil is one of my must-haves when it comes to my skincare routine.

Wool Texting Mittens – Ark Imports

Ark Imports is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and partners with artisans and producers in Nepal to create beautiful handcrafted products, such as the wool texting mittens found in your Winter Box. What are texting mittens your ask? Well, they are the mittens that have two little openings so you can easily slide your fingers out to send that quick text message without having your whole hand freezing and exposed to the elements (hello Canadian winters!). 

Mittens are something I LOVE receiving in my Winter boxes. There’s just something so nice about a new pair of gloves this time of year. And these ones are SO cute! I go for a walk outside everyday so these will be worn a lot!

Upcycled Scrunchie – Lace Antlers Clothing Co.

Lace Antlers Clothing Co. handmakes every single item in the Lace Antlers line. Fabric ends from making their clothing pieces are reused and made into upcycled scrunchies. They focus on reducing fabric waste and when additional fabric is needed they only purchase dead-stock or end-of-bolt. 

The prettiest little scrunchie I ever did see! And….bonus points for it being made out of fabric ends.

Holiday Card Wooden Ornament – Amanda Key Design

Each TGL box features an artist, the Winter Box includes a woden holiday card and ornament from Amanda Key Design. Amanda is an illustrator based in British Columbia and her designs are inspired by nature and her home on the West Coast. The holiday card ornament is made in Canada on engraved birch. Keep the ornament for yourself or give the gift of a holiday card with a little something extra!

I love that they feature an artist in each box and I love that the featured artist peice for the Winter box is holiday-themed. I really want to gift this to someone but I also really want to keep it for myself.

Foresta Organic Soy Candle – Mimi & August

Mimi & August is committed to using fair production practices and partners with small factories to enable economic development and sustainable job creation. The Winter Box includes their reusable candle which smells amazing. Bring a little of the forest indoors as you cozy up by the fire this winter season. This candle comes in what Mimi & August has named the Candle Cup, once your candle is totally burnt, wash it out and it can become your favorite little coffee or tea mug. The cup is ceramic and would also make a wonderful home for a plant friend. 

You all know how I feel about candles…..I LOVE them! It makes me so darn happy anytime I see one in a box, and this one just might be the prettiest little candle I have received this year. It smells lovely, the “Candle Cup” is super cute, and I love that it can be re-used as a coffee cup. Perfect for my afternoon espresso shots!

All Purpose Cleaner – 0 Waste Cleaning

This season’s eco-friendly swap is plant based cleaning tablets from 0 Waste Cleaning. Your Winter Box includes 3 cleaning tablets, one is a window cleaner, one is a bathroom cleaner and one is an all-purpose cleaner. The tablets are compatible with any spray bottle, simply open the package, drop the tablet in the bottle with hot water, wait 5 minutes for it to dissolve, shake for 30 seconds then toss the packaging into the recycling bin. 

In addition to featuring an artist in each box, they also feature an eco-friendly swap, which is such a fun idea. I love these little tabs, and I also love that we received 3 different kinds. I’m going to get myself 3 cute little glass spray bottles and make some equally cute labels and display my new cleaners on my laundry room shelf.

The Good Lane Review Winter 2021 – Final Thoughts

I am so unbelievably impressed with the Winter The Good Lane box. This is easily a new favorite and it’s also one that I would purchase as a gift for a few different people on my Christmas list. I think they put together a wonderful collection of items for a Winter box, all of which I am VERY excited to use. This is one to watch in 2022!

-AYOB Sarah

The Good Lane

The Good Lane is a seasonal subscription box bringing high-quality, ethical, eco-friendly products right to your door. Discover and learn the story behind socially conscious brands that are making a difference.

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