The Literary Book Club Review: March 2023

The Literary Book Club is a quarterly book subscription box. Every quarter, they will send you a gorgeous collectible edition of a classic book, plus a selection of thoughtful gifts to make your experience magical. They kindly sent us this box to review.

Subscription Details

The Literary Book Club subscription costs $74.99 each quarter, plus $11.95 shipping to the US. International subscriptions are available via their Etsy store.

Each themed box contains a gorgeous collectible edition book, plus a selection of thoughtfully curated gifts to enhance your experience. Each gift will arrive wrapped and numbered with page numbers to open as you read. You can expect to receive a variety of useful lifestyle gifts, self care luxury products, items bibliophiles will adore, and other lovely surprises.

Joining the Literary Book Club Box will also get you exclusive access to their private book club Facebook group for subscribers, where you can discuss your experience of the classics with other literary fans. Inside the group, you’ll find great conversation, and bonuses like giveaways only for subscribers.

It is no exaggeration to say that The Literary Book Club boxes are a favourite of mine to receive. Everything is so carefully gift wrapped and gorgeously presented that it is such an experience to unbox. Let’s take a closer look at everything in this month’s box…

Peter Pan Chiltern Edition

“All children, except one, grow up. Peter Pan is that exception, a fearless, resourceful boy who befriends the three Darling children – Wendy, John and Michael – teaches them to fly and whisks them away to Neverland. There they encounter the Lost Boys, a princess in peril and villainous Captain Hook in a magical adventure story as ageless as its intrepid hero.”

Swag Bag

The swag bag contains a bookmark, sticker, and bookplate all designed according to the theme of the box. I am in love with the blue floral motif used in this box.

8×10 Art Print

Gorgeous print with a quote from the book.

“You just think lovely wonderful thoughts, and they lift you up in the air.”

While You Read: Tea Drops

Each box always includes a beverage or snack item for you to enjoy while reading. Tea drops are premium loose leaf tea pressed into a single drop that dissolves in seconds. I really like this idea! So much more convenient and less messy than loose leaf or tea bags.

Page 57: Cinnamon Spice Twinkles Cookies

Cinnamon spice really reminds me of the holidays! The star shapes are so fitting with the theme of this month’s book.

Page 65: Ground Yourself Loose Leaf Tea and Heart Shaped Tea Infuser

The tea is a floral blend of hibiscus flowers, calendula petals, orange peel, and lemongrass. So refreshing and can be enjoyed on its own or sweetened. The heart shaped infuser is so cute but I found it a little fiddly to open and close – personally I still prefer a basket infuser for ease of use.

Page 159: Immunity Shots Elderberry

Love the idea of a multivitamin gummy. This one contains elderberry, vitamin, and zinc for added immunity support.

Page 181: Peter Pan Custom Mug

As a collector of cute mugs, this is now my new favourite. I love the pretty pale blue with “Do you believe?” printed on alongside a silhouette of Tinker Bell.

Last Page: Scottish Folk & Fairy Tales

“Scotland is home to deep-rooted folk traditions. The tales collected here are full of magic, mischief and malevolence, with spirits and goblins, brownies and witches, kelpies and mer-folk. Meet the malicious daoine sith fairies, the hairy Gruagach and more in their enchanted, uncanny and otherworldly realms.”

Final Thoughts

I am so in love with this month’s The Literary Book Club. Everything is so thoughtfully selected that it is hard for me to pick a favourite item in the box. I absolutely enjoyed the teas and cookies, love the mug, and thought the Scottish Folk Tales book is such fun to read. The classic book included is so gorgeous and such a pretty item to display. Really looking forward to the next box!

Toby & Rocket –

The Literary Book Club

The Literary Book Club is a luxury book box featuring collectible editions of classic books and thoughtful, beautiful gifts to make your experience magical.

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