The Nooky Box Review May 2017 – Adult Subscription Box

The Nooky Box is a carefully curated subscription box crafted to help you enhance and embrace your sex life. Their ‘sex-positive’ mission aims to foster safe, consensual, healthy sexual expression for anyone. No matter your shape, look, or sexual orientation, sex is meant to be fun! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Note: You all know the drill with my Adult Subscription Box reviews. My family reads the blog so I keep it PG and simply show you the products……….here goes..

Eeek! I have been waiting for this box to arrive. I got to review The Nooky Box for the first time back in March and absolutely LOVED my first box. It was the perfect adult subscription box. It was classy and fun and stylish, all at the same time. We received the most amazing necklace. Needless to say, the March Box exceeded my expectations. You can check it out HERE.

Box Details

The Nooky Box is a subscription box that contains a specialty toy, erotic story, lube, specially curated erotic playlist and other surprises for couples and individuals. It’s not just a box with stuff though. We provide an ongoing, fun and safe sexual experience and items are selected by our sexual experts based on a theme each quarter.

  • Cost: $79 per quarter
May Theme

This quarter’s theme is a little more risqué than the last theme. I won’t tell you what it is but you can see it on the light purple card in the photo above. They included a thank you card, a cute little product card, and a “yay sex” sticker. I love the details and the branding.

Here’s a look at the items included in this quarter’s box:

Eggplant Vibrator ($39)

Masturbation has never been so fun. The Eggplant Vibrator by Emojibator provides 10 settings for pure pleasure and arousal.

Classic Love Balls ($16)

Make kegal exercise fun. The Fit Classic Ben Wa style exercise balls let you strengthen your pleasure in comfort and style.

Ribbed Cock Ring ($14)

Durable and comfortable. The ribbed cock ring by Perfect Fit gives stronger long-lasting erections and explosive orgasms.

Almost Naked Organic Lube ($16)

A Nooky Box favourite. Almost Naked by Good Clean Love is water-based, made with aloe vera and infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla.

Nooky Berry Aphrodisiac Lollipops ($10)

Delicious and nutritious. These Nooky Berry Lollipops by Pandora’s Pops are activated with aphrodisiac herbs and essential oils.

Stickers, Samples & Surprises ($10)

Each Nooky Box comes with a variety of stickers, samples and bonus surprises.

The Nooky Box Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

This quarter’s The Nooky Box has a value of $105. It definitely has a different vibe than the first box we reviewed, and will probably appeal to a different audience. I LOVED the last box because of the theme and the style related items we received. It was a little more understated, and not too far out of my comfort zone. This quarter’s box is a little more risqué and the theme isn’t as cohesive. But, with that being said, it also has great value and some really fun items. The Emoji Vibrator is hilarious. And the Love Balls are unlike anything I have received in an adult subscription thus far. They are a genius idea. I’ve always been interested in the idea of kegal exercises, so it’s about time someone included something like this in an adult box. I think it would have been awesome if they took the “exercise” theme and ran with it. Overall, The Nooky Box is a great Adult Subscription. Even though I preferred the last box, it doesn’t mean that some subscribers aren’t going to prefer this one.





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