The Very Good Butchers Review January 2020

The Very Good Box is the perfect way to become acquainted with The Very Good Butchers. The box contains 6 of their best-selling vegan goodies to make your plant-based dreams come true. A Year of Boxes paid for this subscription.

I recently discovered The Very Good Butchers, and I was beyond excited to learn that they have their very own subscription box! A plant-based subscription for meat alternatives?! My dreams are coming true….lol.

Subscription Details

What You Get:

  • Receive 6 packs of small-batch vegan meats delivered to your door
  • Each box contains enough for 13+ plant-based meals
  • Lasts up to a month in the fridge and even longer in the freezer

The Very Good Box is the perfect way to become acquainted with The Very Good Butchers. The box contains 6 of our best-selling vegan goodies to make your plant-based dreams come true.

Each box includes:

  • 1 pack of The Very Good Burgers ($11.50)
  • 1 pack of Smokin’ Burgers ($11.50)
  • 1 pack of A Very British Banger ($9.50)
    1 pack of Smokin’ Bangers ($9.50)
  • 1 pack of Very Good Taco Stuff’er ($9.00)
  • 1 pack of Pepperoni ($7.00)

Now…’s my disclaimer. As much as I wanted to order the monthly subscription box for my first delivery…..I also really wanted to try the Charcuterie Box and Cheese Box so that is what I will be reviewing today. I will review the regular subscription next time.

But for now, here’s a peek at what I received in my first order from The Very Good Butchers…

Charcuterie Box

Take your charcuterie game to a whole new level with the Very Good Charcuterie Box. We’ve put together all the plant-based meats you need to create an unbelievable snack board. Just add your favourite goodies – we suggest plant-based cheeses, crackers, fruit, veggies, dips or anything else your heart desires.

The Charcuterie Box includes:

  • 1 pack of Smokin’ Bangers
  • 1 pack of Ribz
  • 2 packs of Pepperoni
  • 1 pack of Bacon
  • 1 pack of Roast Beast
  • 1 pack of Deli Fowl

Thoughts: I’ve only had the chance to try the pepperoni thus far, but let me tell you……I am obsessed! I’m glad that it is included in their monthly subscription because it is something I am going to need in my fridge at all times. It’s made with adzuki beans, it has great texture, and the flavour is unlike any other meat alternative I have tried.

Box of (Vegan) Cheese

We’ve partnered with The Cultured Nut, an artisan, small batch, plant-based cheez company located in Victoria, British Columbia, to offer a Box of (Vegan) Cheese. Their nut-based products are entirely vegan, soy and gluten free and will liven up any cracker, charcuterie board, dish or party you bring them to!

The Box of (Vegan) Cheese includes:

  • 1 block of Ottima Mozza
  • 1 block of Dill’ish with Garlic
  • 1 block of Sharp & Sassy
  • 1 block of Captain Pepper Jack
  • 1 block of Good-Eh?

Thoughts: I’ve only tried one the Good-Eh thus far and absolutely love it! I used it for a mini charcuterie board and it was the BEST afternoon snack. In fact…..I am craving some as we speak. It has a unique texture. You can slice it, spread it and I believe you can also melt it to create creamy sauces.

The Very Good Butchers Review January 2020 – Final Thoughts

I have a new favorite subscription box and it is The Very Good Butchers! I can’t even tell you how exciting it is to see something like this on the market. I love testing out new vegan products, and I have been on the hunt for good meat alternatives. Most are full of questionable ingredients, but not The Very Good Butchers. Their vegan meats are minimally-processed and handcrafted with whole-foods you’ve likely got in your kitchen; beans, grains, vegetables, herbs and spices.

I still need to try the rest of the items in my charcuterie box but so far I am a HUGE fan! I highly recommend giving The Very Good Butchers a try!

-AYOB Sarah

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