The Wanderlust Review Winter 2019

If you’re thinking about escaping the snow to hit the beach, The Wanderlust Box could be the ticket. The quarterly box of style, travel, beauty and fitness items is curated around a beach destination and has over $250 worth of full-sized products. (And that’s USD! So about $350 Canadian.) My first one arrived last week and it’s got just about everything under the sun.

*They kindly sent us this box for review.

And it looks like a suitcase! Too cute eh? My tween and I loved it. (She’s the one in these pictures.)

The Wanderlust is a quarterly subscription. Seasonal subscriptions are $85/season (all prices in USD) and annual subscriptions $299. Boxes ship worldwide (shipping in the US is free and $25/box to Canada).

The theme of the Winter ’19 box is Tulum. Here’s an excerpt from the brochure:

Tulum, nestled off the shores of the Caribbean Sea, is where the most intrepid of travellers can find both adventure, beauty, and luxury all in equal measure. Stroll along the white sandy beaches where sea turtles come to hatch their young, explore untouched jungles, and catch far off cries of monkeys echoing through the palm fronds. Take a break from sunbathing to visit the Temple of the Descending Gods or snorkel and explore the underground rivers under a canopy of stalactites in the sacred caverns of some of Tulum’s most mysterious cenotes … 

The brochure also has suggestions of things to see and do, a playlist, a reading list, and a recipe, Ceviche de Wahoo with Pink Grapefruit. (Wahoo is a popular fish in the Tulum area.) There’s also photographs and descriptions of every product in the box. (I’ve included excerpts of those.)

Now let’s see what’s in The Wanderlust box!

Pixie Mood Alex Card Holder ($18)

One of the most useful travel accessories you can own is a multi-card holder. This adorable cork and faux leather card holder holds up to 5 cards and ID’s.

Pixie Mood! I’ve followed this vegan, Canadian brand for a few years now, swooning over their handbags on Instagram and in Chapters Indigo and a few local shops. I love the colours and mixed materials of this card holder. It’ll come in handy!

Slippa Fishing Net Bag ($12)

The perfect, flexible, multi-use bag for all of your needs: groceries, laundry and even the beach. The 100% woven organic cotton is strong, yet flexible and packs down to 4 x 1 x 1 inches.

I’m going to stash this with the reusable bags we take to the grocery store — great for fruits and veggies. (And in the summer, wet swimsuits and towels.)

Thomas James LA by Preverse Big Mouth Clara Sunglasses ($75)

Partially handmade, no two are ever the same, which makes them uniquely beautiful. The lenses are UV400 and Polarized.

A lot of sunglasses are too wide on my face, but these fit well and I like the design. (Not that it matters, since Lily’s called dibs on them.)

Manda Organic Sun Paste ($18)

This sun paste is formulated for outdoor lovers, by surfers, climbers, hikers and athletes to stay on longer and protect against wind, water and sweat. Using only the highest quality, food grade, all natural and organic ingredients, it contains no harmful chemicals or synthetics and is non-toxic, kid-friendly and reef safe.

Semdora Oil ($75)

Prep, numb and soothe skin before and after waxing any area. Apply up to three times for maximum anesthetic effects. Apply again following waxing session to soothe and moisturize the skin.

The brochure doesn’t mention it, but the label on the bottom says it’s SPF 50 — great for keeping noses, cheeks and ears from getting burned. We’ll be using it liberally this summer.

And I prefer shaving to waxing so I’ll find another home for the numbing oil.

Skin Feelings Metallic Tie ($6)

These spandex hair bands (that also double as bracelets!) are adjustable by moving the tie gently. They are waterproof, but rinse them after swimming without rubbing and lay them flat to dry.

These are cute. Maybe too cutesy for me but Lily will wear them for bracelets. The girl loves an arm party.

Nora Pearson All Natural Deodorant ($9.99)

This all natural deodorant neutralizes odor and bacteria and uses a special blend of essential oils, Tea Tree and Neem Oils to help keep you odor free and smelling fantastic all day. Aluminum free.

I switched to natural deodorant about a year ago and like trying different brands so this is a keeper.

And it smells good. Light and lemony.

PepPod Energy Tablets ($13.99)

A healthy and natural energy tablet! Whether you’re tackling a marathon, cramming for a midterm, fighting jet-lag or just recovering from a night out, PepPod is a deeply hydrating energy source, immunity booster, and one-stop vitamin supplement.

I’ll try just about any cookie or granola bar that comes in a subscription box but anything in pill form (well maybe besides mints) gives me pause. Natural or not, I’m going to need to do some research before any of these go down the hatch. (You drop one in a glass of water, let it dissolve and then drink.)

Raw Elements Lip Rescue 30+ SPF ($5.99)

Made from certified all-natural ingredients, this water resistant lip block provides UVA-UVB true broad spectrum protection. Reef safe, biodegradable, and soy, gluten, and nut free.

Great to have! I’m tucking this in my purse right now.

Birthday Suit Under Eye Gels ($3)

These pads will help reduce fine lines and dark circles, while firming and moisturizing your skin. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, two to three times per week for maximum results.

I’ve never tried eye gels but I’m going to put these in the fridge (I hear they’re more soothing cold) and give them a go. I wonder if you can reuse them. Have you tried this brand or other eye gels? Do they make a difference?

Skin Feelings So Cool Coozie ($6)

Sip that Pina Colada poolside with a little extra flair in your hand and keep your drink cool in that beach heat. Perfect for small glasses, bottles of water or cans.

I’m not loving the colours or design, but coozies do make a difference so I’ll keep this one.

Vapur Wide-Mouth Anti-Bottle ($11.99)

What’s an anti-bottle? Reusable, foldable, attachable, freezable, sustainable and convenient all in one easy to grip, streamline bottle. Unlike traditional, rigid bottles, it lays flat when empty, and has the ability to be folded and stored where other bottles cannot. It’s also BPA free and super easy to wash.

We have lots of water bottles but none like these and I can see how handy it would be to throw in your gym bag or pack for camping, hiking and other outdoor pursuits. And I’m glad to see it’s BPA free. (I wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t.)

And that’s the Winter ’19 The Wanderlust Box! It’s like a bottomless suitcase of everything under the sun for the beach — a whole bunch of things you know you need and some others that you might not think of but you’ll be glad to have. I’m guessing there’s a sizeable profit margin on the sunglasses, but apart from those the products seem reasonably priced and add up to a good value on the whole. Part of that value is the time saved from searching for so many essentials, especially if you’re travelling in the off season when some of those products can be ridiculously marked up.

Next stop for Spring ’19: Venice, Italy. And for Summer, Phuket Island, Thailand.

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