TheraBox Review December 2020

TheraBox is a monthly subscription box curated by practicing therapists to inspire happier lives. It’s your ultimate self care subscription, incorporating a happiness boosting activity each month and 6-8 full sized wellness products sourced from vendors that produce natural, organic, and feel-good products you’ll love! They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

When you subscribe to TheraBox, you can choose a month to month plan, a 3-month prepay plan, a 6-month prepay plan, or an annual prepay plan! TheraBox ships worldwide, and each box has a value of over $100! *Domestic shipping is $4.99 per box.

Each box includes 1 research inspired therapeutic activity to wire your brain for more joy plus 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress & enhance your life! They aim to inspire more love & happiness in every box through mindfully curated products to feed your mind, body & soul.

Here’s a closer look at the December TheraBox…


Whether your skincare routine consists of 15 steps or five, there is one, in particular, that should always be a priority: serum. Give your skin a mega-dose of moisture and prevent it from feeling dry this holiday season! The Hydrating Serum from Evolue features a unique formula with high, low, and super low molecular weight hyaluronic acids that protect, hydrate and repair the skin. This luxe serum is formulated with a non-greasy formula and helps improves the skin’s natural balance while plumping and moisturizing where it’s lacking in hydration. It also keeps the skin from showing signs of premature aging by preventing lines from deepening and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Made in small batches using a highly selective thoughtfully curated roster of ingredients, this gentle formulation is great for all skin types and safe for daily use. Bring back the brightness you’ve been missing in an instant for an enviable glow all season long!

I totally agree when they say that your skincare routine should always include a serum. I started using serum a couple years ago and definitely noticed a difference in my skin. And….I love testing out new ones so I’m happy to see this in the box.


By now, you probably have a good pair of loungewear that you love — but finding a new one that’s a bit more out of the box can change your me-time for the better! The ultimate cozy ensemble that will elevate your downtime this season, this soft, faux silk robe from Viola Vann features ruffled sleeves and a color block pattern along with a matching wrap tie for the perfect fit! Lightweight and feels buttery against the skin, it also features a “Bed, I Love You!” metallic print that will urge you to give yourself a chance to relax and renew your vows with your bed! It’s a mini-vacation, a spa treatment, a hug — reach for this piece when you’re at home and wrap yourself in the luxury and love that you deserve after a long and busy day!

How pretty is this robe?! I love the colors and I love the bell sleeves. And….a pretty robe is a great way to brighten your day and make you feel pampered.


After a long day of festivities, it’s nice to come home, relax, and take all the day’s worries off. The Truffle Therapy Cleansing Oil from Skin & Co. is a bi-phase makeup removing cleanser formulated with Italian Black Winter Truffle Extract, Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera that delicately cleanses and effectively breaks down stubborn and waterproof makeup without irritating the skin. Unlike traditional makeup-removing wipes (or even micellar waters), this gentle oil ensures every last trace of makeup & debris is removed, with no tugging required! It’s also complete with essential fatty acids that help restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier to maintain a supple and radiant complexion + it is ideal for all skin types, vegan, natural, cruelty-free & free from all harmful shenanigans. This glycerin-infused oil also glides off with water as easily as it’s applied, and no residue is left in its wake. TIP: Use this as a face massage oil to make sure every centimeter of your face is accounted for, and, you know, for that much-needed relaxation moment! 

It has been a while since I used an oil cleanser but when I have used them in the past I LOVED them. In fact, I’m not sure why I stopped using them. They are great at removing makeup and they leave your skin feeling so soft.


Travel to a cozy night roasting marshmallows and making s’mores around a campfire with this foamy and luxurious Toasted Marshmallow Sugar Polish from Aminnah Skincare. Formulated for all skin types, it’s made with simple pure ingredients like Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Avocado Butter, Sugar, and Jojoba Oil. Packed with nourishing vitamins and antioxidants with an aroma of fire toasted marshmallows, this sweet treat works as a cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer all in one! Embrace a fragrance that evokes warmth and coziness while leaving the skin polished, hydrated, and refreshed. Cruelty-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and vegan, not only does it exfoliate the skin to reveal that smoother look and feel, this scrub definitely adds an extra layering of pampering for the perfect staycation this holiday season!

Oh my goodness! This sugar polish smells AH-MAZING!!! Just like you would expect toasted marshmallow to smell. I can’t wait to use this. And LOVE that it is made with Jojoba.


There’s just something about pompoms and knitted beanies that makes us undeniably cheerful (and warm and cozy), even on the blusteriest of the winter day! This beanie is patterned with luxe knitted chunky cable stitches along with an embroidered reminder that “All Is Well”. Just the perfect reminder and moment of calm we all need after this turbulent year. The ultra-soft and fuzzy inner layer and ribbed underscore allow you to fold up or pull past your ears for extra warmth, and the fun and fluffy faux-fur pompom is the perfect dash of cozy comfort in the midst of winter! Wear this with your favorite holiday look for a touch of whimsy to any outfit, or top off a luxe look with this monochromatic piece. PLEASE NOTE: Members will receive either the cream, lavender, or black beanie.

This is pretty darn perfect. I wear a beanie every afternoon when baby Steven and I go for our walk and I was wanting to get a black one with a pom pom. And….it is lined with fleece, making it oh-so-cozy.


Create a gleeful glow with the Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge from Baseblue Cosmetics! This limited-edition makeup sponge comes encased in a gold-speckled bauble which can be used as a protective case or as an ornament to spread some holiday cheer! The perfect stocking stuffer for makeup lovers, this holiday collector’s item blends liquid and powder formulations into a smooth, streak-free finish that looks naturally radiant. Plus, it’s designed to absorb water and expand in size for optimal coverage when wet to reduce product buildup! Use the head of the snowman to maneuver around small crevices with precision, position the bottom end to effortlessly buff, and use the snowman’s body to roll formulas into the skin. The curved shape of the Holiday Snowman Makeup Sponge provides a cozy grip and improves technique control, which comes super handy, especially when you’re on the go during the busy holiday season.

What a genius way to package makeup sponges! And how cute! I totally thought that it was just an ornament at first, but then I realized what it actually was and had a little chuckle.


Just as we lather products to treat and moisturize our skin, our hair strands are deserving of a little bit of TLC, too! A peach-scented, easy at-home salon-grade hair treatment that replenishes vitamins and silk amino acids right back into dry and damaged hair, Meg Cosmetics’ Steaming Hair Mask, contains a multi-functional combination of effective ingredients that help prolong the hair growth phase and increase the anchoring of the hair in the scalp. Infused with Chameleon Plant along with Green Tea, Broccoli, and Cabbage Extract, the Steaming Hair Mask injects long-lost nutrition, hydration, and life back into your strands and roots to produce rich, silky, and voluminous hair without frizz. Plus, the warm steam effect allows the hair treatment to deeply penetrate the hair strands. Whether your hair is bleached, natural, thick, or thin, this mask will deeply hydrate all hair types without leaving any type of waxy or oily residue! Time to let down those locks and feel a softer, smoother, frizz-free finish this holiday season!

This is wonderful! And so unique! I receive sheet masks for my face all the time but am yet to receive a sheet mask for my hair. You simply wrap it around your head and leave for 15-20 minutes. Love it!


This month’s first Happiness Boosting Activity, the 30 Days of Intentions challenge, is designed to ask you one thought-provoking question daily — keeping us aware of our choices, while we mindfully create the future that we deserve every day. We only get one chance to live our beautiful, precious lives, and knowing exactly where we want to go and what mindful habits & behaviors we need to adopt each day, helps us live the best life we deserve. So today, start your day with a daily intention ritual. The goal is simple — it’s to slow down and live a life on purpose. It’s this radical notion that we can be joyful, content and at peace with ourselves even when life is a work in progress.

Loving this month’s happiness boosting activity. What a great way to start the day!


The second Happiness Boosting activity this month is a zine full of our favorite end-of-year questions. The Look Back Plan Ahead Workbook’s focus is to retrace our steps and explore new ideas so we can forge our own unique paths for the new year. After setting your daily intention with the 30 Days of Intentions Card set, you can use this to inform your goals in sections dedicated to specific areas of your life. Scribble out what you hope to manifest in the future and achieve your goals by jotting them down. There are dedicated pages for each month along with questions to answer, and plenty of ways to get your progress and ideas on paper. Afterward, check things off as you go because there’s no better feeling than accomplishing something you’ve put your mind into! So, whether you’re looking to reflect at the end of the year, on your birthday, or a random Tuesday, use these pages to help you step back, take stock of how the past year has been, and envision the amazing year ahead!

This is such a great way to look back at 2020 and plan for 2021. I always learn so much when I look back at things I did, things I accomplished, things I tried, and mistakes I made.

TheraBox Review December 2020 – Final Thoughts

The December TheraBox had a Holiday theme which is pretty darn perfect. I received my box right after Christmas but that won’t stop me from enjoying the holiday themed goodies we received. I LOVE the beanie and will wear it often. I also love the cleansing oil, the sugar polish, the gratitude cards and the workbook. As per usual they did a lovely job!

-AYOB Sarah

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