TokyoTreat Review August 2017

TokyoTreat is a subscription-based service that delivers the most premium Japanese snacks and candies to your door monthly. From salty, to sour, to sweet, discover limited edition Japanese treats that you won’t find anywhere else! They kindly sent us this box for review.  This is a look at the premium subscription.

Is it just me or does the Toyko Treat box just keep getting bigger?!  Seriously, this box was the Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole box, it just kept going!

Dagashi Bag (5)

Enjoy the combination of 4 random dagashi snacks and 1 Umaibo that’ll be included in your box every month!  What snacks did you get this month?

Chocobi Melon Flavour

Crayon Shinchan’s favourite snack Chocobi in a summer limited Melon flavour.  The cute star shaped snack is enjoyable at room temperature or chilled for an extra summery flair.  Each box includes a collectible Shinchan sticker and a miniomaze on the lid to have fun with!

Picola Mango Yogurt

Picola is a stick type cookie with a swirl of different flavours kneaded into each stick.  This time we bring you the mango variety which has Alphonso mango and yogurt powder kneaded into sticks for a delightfully summery snack.

Kirin World Kitchen’s Salty Lychee Drink

The popular Kirin’s World Kitchen franchise is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and we’ve included their most popular Salty Lychee drink in this month’s box.  The refreshing drink combines grapefruit, grape and lychee juice and Okinawa salt to create a super refreshing and hydrating drink perfect for hot summer days.  Enjoy it cold or frozen for best flavour!  

Dinosaur Island Pudding

A tasty DIY dinosaur island pudding treat!  Instructions provided in your Tokyo Treat magazine.  All that is needed are the items included in your packet and access to a microwave, small dish and spoon!

Caramel Corn Cream Soda Flavour

Inspired by the popular Japanese drink Melon Cream Soda, Tohato Caramel Corn released a fun, limited edition flavour that comes in a cute and summery package.  A popular snack with our subscribers, this Caramel Corn flavour combines a refreshing fizzy soda sensation in the mouth with the airy corn puff texture with the distinct sweetness of melon cream soda.

Niigata Chewy Senbei

Usually baked, grilled or fried to give a really crunchy texture, this time, we bring you a completely different type of Japanese rice crackers that are neither dry or hard.  Originally released in 2005, Niigata Chewy Senbei is a unique type of rice crackers that are saturated in a delicious savoury sweet soy sauce right after they are baked to give them their chewy texture.  What do you think of this new type of rice cracker.

Super Thin PRETZ-Edamame Flavour

Pocky’s savoury counterpart Pretz released a new mouth watering edamame beans flavour in a super thin variety.  These Pretz have actual edamame kneaded into each stick to give the popular snacks an extra savour and fresh legume flavour.  There are about 100 sticks in each bag so enjoy sharing them with your friend and family!

Mitsuya Mandarin Orange Gummies

Popular classic Japanese soda Mitsuya Cider released gummies in a juicy mandarin orange flavour that’s perfect for the summer.  Enjoy the refreshing taste of Mitsuya Cider with the addition of sweet mandarin oranges sourced from Ehime prefecture that gives these gummies an extra purse of juicy flavour.

Calpis Pineapple Gummies

Popular cultured drink maker Calpis released new gummies in a juicy and tropical pineapple flavour.  Enjoy the combination of refreshing pineapple and the signature Calpis drink flavours in these gummies.  The gummies come in a cute star shape and have sweet sauce in the middle which adds to the gummy experience.

Corn Potage Snack

Back by popular demand, we bring you the uniquely Japanese flavored corn puff snack.  The combination of the light and airy texture with the slightly sweet but savour Japanese corn soup flavour makes this highly addictive and popular snack.

BAKE Limited Edition Coriander Flavour

Love coriander?  Now you can enjoy the flavour and aroma of the refreshing herb with BAKE’s limited edition flavour.  The summery non-melting chocolate combines the refreshing coriander flavour with dark chocolate for a unique Japanese chocolate experience.

Choco Bar Z – White Chocolate

A perfect snack when you’re on the go and want to have a little something, this corn puff snack is highly addictive!  Each stick is soaked in rich white chocolate to ensure that you get the tasty combination of sweet white chocolate and light corn puff with every bite!

Japanese Hand Fan

Keep cool this summer with the Japanese hand fan included in this month’s box.  The stylish fan comes in 4 traditional Japanese prints.  Which of the 4 cool designs did you get?

TokyoTreat August 2017 – Final Thoughts

It’s official, this box keeps getting bigger.  PHew!  What a review!  So many amazing treats in this month’s box.  I really loved how many treats were provided for perfect summer enjoyment.  We always appreciate an on-season box.  There seemed to be a lot of savoury snacks this month, which are perfect for the beach.  If you are looking for a consistent Asian treat box, look no further.  TokyoTreat is about as consistent and awesome as it gets!  I don’ think there has been a single box that has underwhelmed us.  If anything I’m overwhelmed every month over the amount of items provided!


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