TokyoTreat Review August 2018

TokyoTreat is a monthly subscription that brings a huge box of yummy Japanese snacks straight to your doorstep. Each month you’ll receive popular snacks including candy, chips, crackers, and more! They kindly sent me the Premium box to review. So lets dig in!

Subscription Details

Box Details: TokyoTreat specially curates their monthly snack boxes with a mix of popular out-of-this-world treats and traditional flavors. Subscriptions come in two sizes: Premium and Classic.

TokyoTreat Packages:

Premium: 17 full-size items. (Includes extra items not included in Classic: 1 Japanese drink, 1 additional Japanese snack, 1 Party Pack, 1 additional Dagashi, and 1 Anime Snack)

  • Monthly: $35/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $33.50/month
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $32/month
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $31.50/month

Classic: 12 full-size items

  • Monthly: $25/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $24/month
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $23/month
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $22.50/month

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a closer look at August’s box theme and the items I received this month….

August’s Theme – Fruity Ninjas

The theme for August is Fruity Ninjas! This month features snacks and treats revolving around all things fruity to help keep you cool and refreshed through the end of summer. This box was curated with such delicious snacks that they’ll disappear so quick – just like a ninja!

Included in every box is a mini magazine that gives you in-depth details of each treat in the box, descriptions, upcoming news, and mini activities! I’m in love with the cover design for this month… the stealthy ninjas are so cute!

Coca-Cola Clear

This month’s drink was an exciting one: Coca-Cola Clear! This is Japan’s newest Coke flavor that contains 0 calories, is completely transparent and supposedly tastes like lemons. Sadly, I’m not a fan of any kind of diet/low-calorie soda. It has the typical aftertaste that most low calorie/diet sodas have. I’m not sure why, but it reminds me so much of the taste of Fireball… It’s a pass for me.

Melon Bread Cookies Party Pack

These melon bread cookies are inspired by the popular Japanese food “melon pan”. The party pack comes with 22 individually wrapped bite-sized cookies and consists of a mixture of two different flavors: an original crunchy cookie and one filled with a melon custard cream. Both cookies have a crunchier exterior with a softer middle, though the green melon cookie is the only one with a cream filling. These cookies have a buttery texture that gives them that melt-in-your-mouth factor. I love the size of these cookies because they’re just big enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Double Lemon White Chocolate Pocky

The Kinoko No Yama Chocolate Banana that’s printed in the mini magazine is being replaced by the Double Lemon White Chocolate Pocky. I’m a little disappointed since I’ve already tried the Double Lemon White Chocolate Pocky before, however, it’s so delicious that I can’t complain! These are the midi sized Pocky sticks that are double dipped in a thick creamy white chocolate. The biscuit is a slightly tangy lemon flavor that complements the sweet white chocolate coating really well.

Disney Tsum Tsum Chocolate Bar

I love Tsum Tsums, so the packaging made this treat that much more fun! The chocolate bar is composed of two thin wafers covered in a creamy milk chocolate. This is very reminiscent of a KitKat. It’s such a simple treat, but it was very yummy!

Fruit Granola Black Thunder

I’ve never had the original Black Thunder before, but this Fruit Granola variety has convinced me that I NEED to try it ASAP. The Fruit Granola variety has bits of crispy rice puffs, crunchy granola bits, and pieces of fruit that are all coated in a rich milk chocolate. The fruity bits give this a light refreshing taste that compliments the sweetness of the candy bar making it very satisfying.

Cinnamon Apple Pie Umaibo

The Cinnamon Apple Pie Umaibo is crispy, crunchy, and tasted like cinnamon toast with a sweet apple pie flavor. It’s also coated in a sweet cinnamon sugar that made it that much more delicious. I immediately craved a second one and am so sad this is a Tokyo area exclusive. I’m trying to locate more as I type this!

Banana Man Marshmallow

The Banana Man Marshmallow is a banana shaped treat that consists of a marshmallow covered in a banana cream with a chocolatey center. The banana cream that covered the entire snack was very smooth and rich, reminding me of banana milk. The flavors did compliment each other well, but the chocolatey center was so small that it was completely overpowered by the banana flavoring.

Honey Apple Hard Candy

The Honey Apple Hard Candy is this month’s kinosei, or healthy snack! This apple candy emits a unique minty and soothing feeling on the throat that reminds me a lot of a cough drop or throat lozenge instead of actual hard candy, but hey, it’s still yummy!

Fruits Donut Gummy

The Fruits Donut Gummy is a two-toned colored gummy that’s covered in sugar crystals. It reminds me of the beloved Peachy-O, but lemon and lime flavor!

Chip Star Lemon Chips

There’s been so many fruit flavored chips I got the pleasure of trying through TokyoTreat, but this one is my favorite by far. The Chip Star Lemon Chips look like your average Pringle, but it has such a unique lemon flavor that’s both slightly sour and savory. The lemon flavoring tastes more like a zest and gives the chip a tangier taste thats addicting!

Cheese Rice Puffs

These cheese rice puffs have a very light crispy rice texture rather than your average potato chip. They’re easy to eat and have a savory cheese flavor that made putting the bag down hard. This is a very simple snack that tasted light and airy.

Shimi Corn Share Pack

Shimi Choco Corn is one of my favorite Japanese snacks, ever! I got the pleasure of trying these on a recent trip to California a couple months back, so I’m really glad to see these appear in the TokyoTreat box! These star shaped corn puffed snacks are infused with a semi-sweet chocolate flavor that’s not too overwhelmingly sweet.

Chocolate Mint Caramel Corn

The Chocolate Mint Caramel Corn chips were a hit with both my boyfriend and I. These crunchy puffed corn snacks have a subtly sweet flavor from the caramel and a mild mint taste with just a touch of chocolate. I wish the mint chocolate flavor was stronger, but we still finished this in minutes.

Melon Jelly Drink DIY

This month’s DIY item is a Melon Jelly Drink. The DIY kit comes with a packet of powder, a plastic cup, and a mini straw. All it requires is mixing water with the powder to create a fruity melon drink. I gave this to my niece and she always has so much fun with these DIY kits!

TokyoTreat Review August 2018 – Final Thoughts

So far, August is my favorite box of all time. I loved ALL of snacks with the exception of the the Coca-Cola Clear soda, but I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy drinking diet/low calorie sodas!

TokyoTreat successfully curated this month’s box with so many hidden gems like the Disney Tsum Tsum Chocolate Bar, Fruit Granola Black Thunder, and the Chip Star Lemon Chips to name a few. There were a few items I’ve previously tried before (not repeats from TokyoTreat though), but luckily they were items I already know and love. As always, I really enjoyed the Premium box since it comes with a drink and to my knowledge, not many subscription boxes include beverages! TokyoTreat is always the highlight of my month and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for next month!

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