TokyoTreat Review December 2018

TokyoTreat is a monthly subscription that delivers a huge box of yummy Japanese snacks straight to your doorstep. Each month you’ll receive popular snacks including candy, chips, crackers, and more! They kindly sent me December’s Premium box to review. So lets dig in!

Subscription Details

Box Details: TokyoTreat specially curates their monthly snack boxes with a mix of popular out-of-this-world treats as well as traditional flavors. Subscriptions come in two sizes: Premium and Classic.

TokyoTreat Packages

Premium: 17 full-size items. (Extra items not included in Classic: 1 Japanese drink, 1 additional Japanese snack, 1 Party Pack, 1 additional Dagashi, and 1 Anime Snack)

  • Monthly: $35/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $33.50/month
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $32/month
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $31.50/month

Classic: 12 full-size items

  • Monthly: $25/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $24/month
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $23/month
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $22.50/month

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a closer look at December’s box theme and the items I received this month….

December’s Theme – Santa’s Snacks

The theme for December is Santa’s Snacks. This month features sweet and yummy snacks that everyone, especially Santa, will love! Since the holidays is the time to be generous, you’ll find many snacks that you can share with your friends and family.

Included in every box is a mini magazine that gives you in-depth details of each treat in the box, descriptions, upcoming news, and mini activities!

Bourbon Sylveine Chocolate Cake

The Bourbon Sylveine Chocolate Cake comes with 6 decadent slices that’s perfect for sharing. Each slice is made up of a 3-layer cake with cream filling between the layers and is then completely dipped in a rich chocolate coating. I can’t exactly distinguish what flavor the cream filling is, but the slight bitterness of the dark chocolate nicely balances out the sweetness from the cake. The texture is incredibly soft and it’s delicious!

Fanta Mango Jelly Drink

This drink is made up of a sweet mango juice with thick jelly chunks. To “activate” the jelly, you shake the can for 10 minutes before popping it open. This breaks up the jelly into tiny bits. It’s very unique and refreshing.

Christmas Pizza Poteko

I’m a huge fan of the original Poteko flavor, and the Christmas Pizza variation was just as delicious. These circular, donut-shaped rings are packed with a super crunchy bite that have a strong potato base. I don’t exactly taste “pizza” in these, but I do get a bit of tomato and herb flavor.

Kumamon White Sesame Cracker

The Kumamon White Sesame Cracker is a big round disk made up of roasted white sesame seeds and caramelized sugar and peanuts. It’s a simple and classic snack that’s very tasty!

Melon Bread Cookie

This small bite-sized cookie has a crispy outer edge with a soft shortbread center. There’s no filling in this, but the cookie does have a mild melon flavor. It was gone in one bite!

Takoyaki Umaibo

I’m a huge fan of takoyaki, or fried octopus balls, and this Umaibo tastes just like the real thing! It has the slight sweetness of takoyaki mixed with the savory taste of fried octopus. It’s definitely a snack that packs a punch with flavor. If you love seafood, then you’d love this!

Bourbon Strawberry Chocolate Chips

These are thickly cut potato chips with ridges that are lightly coated in a strawberry cream. I know it sounds a bit strange… it’s one of those things that shouldn’t work, but just does! The sweetness from the strawberry cream paired well with the salty and savory potato chip. I really liked this!

Salty Green Pea Mini Chips

The Salty Green Pea Mini Chips look just like miniature Pringles! They’re green in color because they’re made out of green peas and have a much thicker consistency than your average potato chip. It tastes like a fried or baked edamame that’s salty with a hint of sweetness.

Shin-Chan Apple Chocobi

These star shaped puffed corn snacks were crispy and had a sweet and tangy flavor with every bite. I really enjoyed these and it also comes with a surprise sticker in every box!

Burnt Caramel Taiyaki

This taiyaki treat came shaped like a fish and consisted of a black colored wafer shell and an aerated filling. I LOVE the consistency of the filling because the “air bubbles” give it an overall light texture that melts in your mouth. It reminds me a lot of the Bing Bing or Caplico ice cream cone snacks.

Vegetable Potato Sticks Share Pack

I was pleasantly surprised by these Vegetable Potato Sticks. They look like french fries in a bag, but they have spots of red and green in them from the vegetables. They tasted like normal chips to me, but seemed like an option that was a tad healthier than normal chips.

Exciting Fishing DIY Kit

I love saving these DIY kits for my niece and nephew to play with. This month featured a fun fishing kit that makes grape candy! You first place a string along the molds, then mix the powder with water to create the candy. Pour it into the molds and once the candy solidifies, you’ll have fish that you “caught” on your string!

Bubbly Cola Ramune Candy

The Bubbly Cola Ramune Candy comes with 3 tablet pieces of candy with a texture similar to Sweet Tarts. The only difference is that once you bite down into it, it starts fizzing and bubbling up just like soda would! Though it does taste like sweet cola once you first taste it, it does eventually turn very tart.

Tomato & Cherry Gummies

These gummies contain collagen and lypoene to help improve your skin’s appearance. I have a hard time noticing a difference in my skin, but the unique tomato and cherry flavoring tasted surprisingly good. Unfortunately, the gummies had a weird texture that I didn’t enjoy. The top half of the gummy was borderline mushy, while the bottom half was a normal gummy.


TokyoTreat is one of my favorite snack boxes to receive every month! I love the vast variety of Japanese snacks each month and they always manage to introduce me to tons of new treats. This month featured many unique items like an entire chocolate cake, a mango jelly drink, strawberry coated potato chips, burnt caramel taiyaki, and many more items!

I always get to taste a bit of everything with this box, but my favorite items this month were the Kumamon White Sesame Cracker, Takoyaki Umaibo, and the Bourbon Strawberry Chocolate Chips.

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