TokyoTreat Review June 2019

TokyoTreat is a monthly subscription box filled to the brim with yummy Japanese snacks. Each month you’ll receive popular snacks including candy, chips, crackers, and more! They kindly sent me June’s Premium box to review. So lets dig in!

Subscription Details

Box Details: TokyoTreat specially curates their monthly snack boxes with a mix of popular out-of-this-world treats as well as traditional flavors. Subscriptions come in two sizes: Premium and Classic.

TokyoTreat Packages:

– Premium: 17 full-size items. (Extra items not included in Classic: 1 Japanese drink, 1 additional Japanese snack, 1 Party Pack, 1 additional Dagashi, and 1 Anime Snack)

  • Monthly: $35/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $33.50/month
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $32/month
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $31.50/month

– Classic: 12 full-size items

  • Monthly: $25/month
  • 3 Months Prepaid Plan: $24/month
  • 6 Months Prepaid Plan: $23/month
  • 12 Months Prepaid Plan: $22.50/month

Shipping: Free Worldwide Delivery

Here’s a closer look at the box theme and the items I received this month….

June Theme – Hanami Picnic

Included in every TokyoTreat box is a mini magazine that gives you in-depth details of each treat in the box, descriptions, upcoming news, and mini activities!

Furuta Sakura Mochi Cookies (Premium)

The Furuta Sakura Mochi Cookies are pink in color and come filled with a sakura mochi center. They have a light floral flavor that’s very tasty, and the texture is soft and pillowy. If you’re a fan of soft baked cookies then these are for you!

Calbee Sakura Shrimp Chips (Premium)

When I first saw the flavor of these chips, I was VERY taken aback. Sakura and Shrimp doesn’t sound like an appealing flavor combination, but surprisingly these were delicious! The sakura flavor is very subtle and the shrimp flavor does overthrow it a little bit, but it works. The texture of the chips are the same light and crispy Calbee shrimp chips that most of us know and love!

Nacho Cheese Pringles (Premium)

I’ve grown up eating Pringles as a kid, so I was excited to see that Japan has a new Nacho Cheese flavor! These were generously coated in a savory cheese flavor that was delicious.

Lipton Sakura Tea (Premium)

This month’s drink item is a pack of Lipton Sakura Tea! The bag comes with 12 individual tea bags shaped like pyramids. The shape makes it easier to seep the tea bag in water, and it gives the tea a stronger and more fragrant floral flavor.

Ramune Energy Drink Bubble Candy

This tablet candy features a classic ramune energy drink flavor, but with a fun unique twist – these bubble up and fizz in your mouth as you chew on them!

Sumikkogurashi Card and Seal Gum (Premium)

This adorably packaged piece of gum features the cuddly creatures of Sumikkogurashi. Inside the packet is a miniature card, a sheet of stickers, and a sealed square piece of gum.

Abekko Ramune Candies

The Abekko Ramune Candy is the second ramune-inspired tablet candy this month! These candies come in a handful of flavors including orange, grape, melon, lemon, and strawberry to name a few. I received the melon flavor, which was sweet and fruity. These also bubble up in your mouth as you chew!

Nori Potato Sticks (Premium)

This potato snack comes seasoned with a salty and savory seaweed flavor. These were very tasty and make for a great on-the-go snack.

Mentaiko Umaibo

I can’t sing enough praises for Umaibo bars – they’re crispy and easy to eat, packed full of flavor, and come in hundreds of varieties! Mentaiko is a relatively new flavor to me, but it’s fish roe and it’s delicious!

Yaokin Porickey German Potato Sticks

These crispy pretzel sticks have a very subtle potato flavor that taste good on their own as a snack or crumbled as a topping over soup/salad.

Crushed Strawberry Pocky

You can never go wrong with Pocky, especially with this new crushed strawberry flavor. This special edition features bittersweet cacao coated pretzel sticks dipped in a crushed strawberry coating (there’s even real pieces of strawberry)!

Anpanman Soft Corn Share Pack

This month’s share pack was a little disappointing since it was a repeat from last September. But nonetheless, these ring shaped corn snacks are a classic with an airy texture that’s easy to enjoy.

Yaokin Kinako Cake

The Yaokin Kinako Cake comes with two miniature mochi like cakes fully dusted in a kinako, or roasted soybean, powder. They’re bite-sized, but it’s definitely a mouthful of flavor!

Candy Apple DIY Kit

The Candy Apple DIY Kit is another repeat item this month from last October. This kit comes with apple flavored balls, a sweet dipping candy sauce, and colorful sprinkles to create your own mini version of candied apples.

TokyoTreat Review June 2019 – Final Thoughts

The June TokyoTreat box was filled with a mixture of hits and misses for me this month. Ramune and sakura are two very popular Japanese flavors during the summer, and this box had plenty of treats inspired by both. Sadly, I’m not a big fan of either (with the exception of the Calbee chips). I was also disappointed to see two repeat items this month!

However, I’m also pleasantly surprised to find a number of hits for me this month too. My favorite items were the Calbee Sakura Shrimp Chips, the Nacho Cheese Pringles, Crushed strawberry Pocky, and the Mentaiko Umaibo!

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