Tonttu Box Review September 2016

Tonttu Box Review September 2016

Mom & Baby Subscription Boxes are becoming more popular in the subscription box world, and for good reason. I think every Mom needs a little “happy mail” in their life. They need a reason to take time for themselves, and a box full of self-care items is the perfect way to do it. Today we are looking at Tonttu Box…….I was really looking forward to this one.

Tonttu Details

If you aren’t familiar with Tonttu Box it is a monthly delivery for expecting and new moms with kids up to 3 years old. A night off for a mom in a box! All the products in the box are specifically curated for a mom to feel appreciate and loved, plus useful and unique items for kids (age/gender appropriate).


The Box: Tonttu Box

Cost: $40

What You Get:

  • Pregnant Me – Carefully curated box of goodies for a mom-to-be to cheer her up and make her feel beautiful! The box will include natural body essentials, bath treats, delicious yummies, educational books, and occasional little something for the future baby!
  • Mommy Me – Carefully curated box for a mom who needs a little “ME TIME”! The box will have natural body and bath essentials, handmade toys for your baby (age/gender appropriate), educational books, delicious/healthy treats, and much more!

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: Shipment within US is free. International shipment is $25.00

YouTube Unboxing: CLICK HERE



September Theme

The theme for the September Tonttu Box is “Queen Mommy”. The product card says: “We know how hard you try every day to do your best! You are truly the Queen of your family! Hope this pampered delivery will help you to relax, recharge, learn something new, and remind yourself of the times you had cold coffee by choice!”

Spruce and Fresh’s Four Petite Bath Bombs

The one-of-a-kind rose scented bath bomb comes in the form of a petite four. Each bath bomb is glamorously hand painted with gold shimmer for a look of royalty and luxury.

Pretty little bath bombs…..these make me happy. I think every Mom, Woman, Lady, Girl, etc…..needs a supply of bath bombs in their bath & body collection. I try to have a few on hand at ALL times.

Green Touch Beauty’s Brow Growth Balm

PERFECT BROWS Balm’s soft and waxy texture and lightweight density makes the product very convenient to use. This multitasking growing & styling balm will visually improve the look, shine and quality of your existing eyebrows.

I don’t really have brow problems, mine are thick and dark. But I am super intrigued by this item and have never received anything like it before. They get bonus points for that.

Margaret the Owl with Coffee Cuddly Doodle by Orangeni

I was a little confused by this item at first, I know that they include products for baby every now and then, but I was still a little confused. Until I read the product card. It says “remember coffee”. This adorable little owl is holding a cup of coffee which ties in perfectly to the theme mentioned above. Did I mention that Margaret the Owl is adorable??

tonttu-box-review-september-2016-11 tonttu-box-review-september-2016-10 tonttu-box-review-september-2016-9

Limoncello Lip Scrub & Balm

This Natural Lip Scrub Pot contains Lemon Essential Oil- LIMONCELLO. Our 100% Natural Lip Scrub Pots are hand crafted with Natural Sugar, Moisturizing Sweet Almond Oil and Essential Oils. Rub a small amount between your fingers and apply to lips. The fine grained sugar will exfoliate your lips to reveal a soft and supple pucker. Use a Pucker Pot immediately afterward to seal in the moisture.

I used both of these as soon as I was done taking photos. Literally as soon as I was done. They smell so good that I couldn’t resist. And……they left my lips feeling so soft. I have both of them sitting in my bathroom beside the sink because I know I am going to use them often. Probably my favourite items in the box.

tonttu-box-review-september-2016-12 tonttu-box-review-september-2016-13
Hard Sauce Hard Lotion Bar

When things get really bad, reach for the Hard Sauce! Hard Lotion Bar Hard Sauce, that is! Hard lotion bars are solid at room temperature, but soften on contact with skin. Hard Sauce Hard Lotion Bars are designed for really dry skin. The shea butter and coconut oil serve as moisturizing agents. Cocoa butter is an FDA approved barrier ingredient that provides an occlusive layer on our skin, meaning it sets up a protective layer of cocoa butter on our skin. Together with the beeswax, these ingredients help to lock moisture into your skin for longer lasting absorption.

This is the cutest little tin, and the most interesting product. I love the idea of a lotion bar, so easy and convenient. It would be perfect for travel as you wouldn’t have to worry about it spilling in your bag. Not that lotion “spills” but you get the point.

Tonttu Box Review September 2016 – Final Thoughts

My very first Tonttu Box was a pleasant surprise. I ended up liking this box a lot more than I thought I would. I think they have a great little subscription on their hands, I just found the outside appearance of the box to be a little deceiving. You wouldn’t look at it and think that there would be quality pampering products inside…. but there is! I guess that makes for a bigger surprise? I’m excited about the products we received and have already tested two of them (as I mentioned above). I think every Mom needs a box like this in her life!





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