Tribe Beauty Box Review October 2018

Tribe Beauty Box is a beauty subscription box that sends 5 full size beauty products from trendy and indie brands every other month. The box is targeted towards MUAs (make-up artists), and sends staple and trendy products needed in each beauty kit. They kindly sent me this box for review.

The Cost: US $34.99 + shipping ($4.95 US, $6.99 Canada, international varies) + taxes in Canada

Ships to: Canada, US, UK, internationally

Frequency: bi-monthly

Good to Know: You can skip a month if you email them at by the day of the first spoiler, 5PM Eastern Time.

Everything comes packed in a pink cardboard box.

Normally everything inside the box is nestled within pink starch packing peanuts, however, this time around the box was so tightly packed with products that there was no need for the peanuts.

October theme is “Steal the spotlight”. This month I’ve received three brushes, two makeup and two skincare products.

the Balm Meet Matt(e) Shmaker Eyeshadow Palette

As far as I know, this palette is one of the more recent releases by the Balm, and I was very happy to see it in the box. I’m a huge fan of the brand’s quirky packaging and sense of humour. The palette has 12 shades, 6 matte and 6 shimmers, paired in two’s. You can use any two for a coordinated eye look, or mix and match as you wish. I think the color selection is quite good, and this would be a great travel palette that provides many, many different looks. The shimmers are buttery soft, while the mattes are OK – I’ve seen better, and I’ve seen worse. They are not too hard to work with, and the fallout is minimal.

Value: $29.5 USD

Here is one eye look using two colors from the palette (Matt and Lisa Campbell).

MakeUp Eraser Mini

I already own the original, bigger version of this product, and I love it. It conveniently removes all makeup with just water, even waterproof one. The cloth is soft and plush, feels good on my skin, doesn’t tug and it washes easily in the washing machine. This mini one has the same qualities, except it’s much smaller. I spread it out next to the info card from the box, which has the size of a standard postcard, to give you a sense of scale. The original size is more than big enough to remove a full face of makeup, while I believe this mini one would be more for eyes and lips, although you could manage to remove all your makeup even with the mini. It is so cute that the packaging resembles a school pencil eraser – attention to details always gets me.

Value: $12 USD

Bellapiere Ombre Lip Kit

This kit contains a lip liner in Hothead and two lip creme lipsticks in Nude and 40s Red. The kit itself is a great inclusion, because it allows for a trendy ombre lip, or each product can be used separately. The lip creme in Nude is great for day wear, while the 40s Red is perfect for dinner dates and special occasions (although I’ve been known to totally rock a bold lip even during the day, if I feel like it). The lip cremes are VERY long lasting, and I had to scrub hard to remove them. The gel liner is a standard pencil liner, and doesn’t tug when I apply it. Still, I’m a bit on the fence about the kit – in my opinion, the lip liner is too light, and it doesn’t match either of the lip cremes. Because of this, I had to make sure to cover it completely with the red lip creme, which was hard and led to some uneven application that I had to fix with a lip brush and concealer (you can still see some redness under my lower lip on the photo below). Also, the lip cremes are fast drying, so I had to be really quick to blend them together. I’ve done ombre lips before, but this wasn’t as successful as my previous attempts. Separately the products in the kit are OK, but as a kit I don’t think they really work together. I highly recommend using a lip brush to get an even line and for blending.

Value: $45 USD

Here I’m wearing the kit.

MaskerAide Let’s Face It Purifying Cleansing Stick

I’ve been a fan of this brand for a while, and use their sheet masks all the time. This is one of their newer products, and it works great! Stick cleanser are becoming hugely popular, because they are quick and easy to use, and very portable (nothing to spill when traveling). Unlike many other stick cleansers, this one doesn’t exfoliate, it’s simply a cleanser. I applied it over wet skin, as instructed, lather with my hands and washed off. It lathers somewhat, feels silky under my fingers and washes off quite easily. It left my face completely clean, but not tight – I’m a fan. It’s also quite big, and it will last for a while, plus it will be great to carry along when traveling. The only issue I had – the bottom is hard to turn with wet hands, so make sure you open it and twist up BEFORE getting your face and hands wet.

Value: $21 USD/ $23 CAD

Moda Pro Makeup Brushes Ezglam Duo Smoky Eye

I am so impressed with these brushes, especially when I realized how affordable they are. This smoky eye set comes with an eye shader and a crease/smudge double-sided brush. I used them for the eye look above, and they were easy to work with. The brushes pick up eyeshadow easily. The smudger has very short bristles, perfect for lining/smudging close to the eye, and the crease side is great for blending. I am not a huge fan of double sided brushes (because I store my brushes in jars), but otherwise these are worth the price. The set is good for achieving many eye looks. The packaging also has instructions on how to use the brushes on the flip side, which is great for beginners.

Value: $7.99 USD

Crown Pro Blush Brush

I already own this same brush, and after using it for a while my opinions are the same as when I just got it. For me this brush is too dense to apply blush with, and whenever I tried it kind of deposits the blush onto my cheeks, instead of diffusing it. I prefer fluffier brushes for blush application. Instead, I use this brush to blend out any harsh edges, but it’s not my favorite. Crown brushes are quite long lasting, they wash well and don’t shed. Drying time is a bit longer since they’re so dense. Overall, the quality is quite good, I just have other brushes that I like more.

Value: $12 USD

Here are all the makeup products swatched, left to right: Bellapiere Ombre lip kit and the Balm Meet Matt(e) Shmaker palette. The lip products were swiped once, so you can see that they are full coverage. The shimmers from the eyeshadow palette were also all swiped once only – they are truly outstanding. Unfortunately, I had to build up the matte shades (multiple swipes), and the two darkest ones are still a bit patchy.

Tribe Beauty Box Review October 2018 – Final Thoughts

Once again I am quite happy with what I received in the Tribe Beauty Box. The products coordinate well and there is a nice variety of makeup, brushes and skincare. The products I didn’t love (but I didn’t hate them, either) are the lip kit and the Crown brush, and I am OK with that, because all the other products work for me and I will probably get some use out of these two, too. Total value of the box is $127.49 USD, which is more than double the cost+shipping. I appreciate that they keep their shipping costs quite low compared to some other boxes.

This box is still available, and if you are quick you can even claim the bonus gift (use coupon code: AYOBGIFT).

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