Trillia Planning Review December 2016

Trillia Planning is a subscription service based in Canada that delivers planner supplies, like stickers, washi, pens and stamps, to a customer’s mailbox.

You can tell Trillia Planning pays attention to detail!  Even the envelope it arrived in was nicely decorated.  This sort of attention to detail and themes with packaging goes a long way with me!  I like to experience the theme and contents of my subscription box as soon as I pull it out of the mail box.  Great job this month Trillia!

Trillia planning is careful to provide you with just enough embellishments to get you going on your next week or month of planning.  I loved the washi tape included in this months pack.  I also loved the snow man and tree embellishments.


I’m new to the whole scrapbooking your planner trend, but Trillia really got me excited to start my addiction!  I loved the theme of colours and patterns.

I also loved that everything was cut to size to fit in the back of my planner.  Any good organizer knows how important it is to make sure these small bits don’t get too out of hand.

Thanks Trillia for helping me start my scrapbooking/planning addiction!  This snowman and I are starting something great!


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