Try The World Holiday Box Review 2016

Try The World Holiday Box Review 2016

My very first review for Try The World was back in February. This is a subscription box that has been on my radar for quite some time. I was very excited to review it the first time around, but am even more excited this time because they are now shipping to CANADA!! Anytime a well-known US subscription box starts shipping to Canada is reason for celebration……….#happydance

Try the World Details

If you aren’t familiar with Try The World, it is a gourmet subscription box from a new country every month. Subscribers to Try The World embark on a blind tour of the world’s food. It’s an adventure for which we are your guide! This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.


The Box: Try The World

Cost: $39 per month

Ships to: US & Canada

Shipping Cost: FREE to US & $7 to CANADA

What You Get: Every Try The World box is curated by an expert chef who carefully selects a collection of products that are most representative of that country’s cuisine. You will find not only delicious gourmet foods, but also a culture guide and product card that explain how to use the items in your box.

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Holiday Box: Michelin Edition

For the Holiday Box, Try The World has teamed up with Michelin. I always find it interesting when subscription boxes partner with big companies. Here’s what they have to say about it:

This November, Try The World and Michelin are coming together to create a Special Edition Holiday Box filled with 8 incredible holiday foods from around the world.

At first glance I can tell this is a box that will be perfect for hosts and hostesses. The items inside would be perfect for entertaining.

Pain D’Epices Baking Mix

Margot and Scarlette are two sisters behind Marlette, a small french company that makes it easy to bake at home. Their pain d’epics (or spiced bread) is a traditional French holiday cake that’s made with freshly milled organic flour and a variety of baking spices.

This is absolutely perfect to have in the pantry for last-minute guests. You can make up a batch of mini muffins with minimal effort.

Truffle Sauce

In 1980, the founder of Giuliano Tartufi ventured into the forest with his grandfather and Irish setter. Thanks to his dog’s keen sense of smell, Giuliano found his very first truffle and has been making a range of truffle products ever since.

I was recently introduced to truffle oil and fell in love immediately. I am super intrigued by this sauce. It is another great pantry item for holiday entertaining. Serve it with crostini or mix it into a dip (according to the product card).

Pineapple Cake

A buttery cake filled with sweet and tangy jam, pineapple cake is a ubiquitous pastry in Taiwan. Service with tea, enjoy a quick breakfast, or gift to a friend for good luck.

These are tiny little bite-sized cakes. They would be super cute on a serving tray with fruit.


Lemon Curd

Lemon curd is an english fruit preserve made with lemon, sugar and eggs. Mix it into a dessert, serve with scones, or layer into a parfait.

I am LOVING this entire box. I will be having guests over quite often during the holidays, and now I have so many fun items to serve them.


Artis and Henie, the duo behind this toffee, have been hiring locals to make their signature sweets since 2013. Enjoy with coffee, melt and drizzle over ice cream, or enjoy as a midnight snack.

Enjoy with coffee? Yes please! I am in the process of putting together a coffee station in our kitchen, these will be the perfect addition.


Hot Chocolate Tablets

Perfect for winter, K’skua’s chocolate tablets are made with the best Mexican cocoa beans according to Aztec tradition. Melt into hot chocolate, indulge in a post dinner dessert, or mix with coffee for a mocha.

This is another item I will be adding to my coffee station. I am SO excited!

Date Spread

A symbol of good luck, dates are a popular holiday food throughout the Mediterranean. Make a tart, add to a cheese plate or spread on toast.

Date spread is a new thing apparently. This will be the second time I have received it in the last month. I happen to love dates, and it will be the perfect addition to my morning breakfast bar.


Rich with butter, shortbread was once an expensive and precious treat reserved for Christmas. Dip into coffee, top an ice cream sundae or make a cookie sandwich.

Shortbread is a pantry staple during the holidays. I love that they included these. Similar to the pineapple cake, these are small little bite-sized cookies.



Try The World Holiday Box Review 2016 – Final Thoughts

Well, I must say, I like this box much more than my first box from Try The World. This one has me so excited for the holidays. It really is a “Holiday Box”. I will be using all of these items over the next month when we have guests over. It’s so much fun to have gourmet items like these on hand for entertaining. I truly am excited about this box, and I am even more excited that Try The World is now shipping to Canada. I can’t wait to see more from them.





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