Unbound Box Review May 2016 – Adult Subscription Box

Unbound Box Review May 2016 – It’s been awhile since my last Unbound review and I was really looking forward to reviewing it again. Today we are looking at the May Delta box, and don’t forget, I try to keep these reviews as PG as possible. I won’t get into details and specifics like I do with my other reviews……there’s a good chance my Dad will read this at some point, or my niece.

If you aren’t familiar with Unbound it is a curated experience of indulgence in the best way. Every three months, you’ll receive a discreetly shipped package that contains full-sized, high quality items that have been hand selected from all over the world.

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The Box: Unbound

Cost: $65 per quarter

What You Get: Every box will be different. There is a full sized featured product, generous samples, additional swag and original erotica. We don’t want to ruin the surprise but we promise every box has a great mix of single use samples and other products that we hope you will have you coming back to again and again.

Ships to: Worldwide

Shipping Cost: FREE to US, $20 to Canada & UK, $35 everywhere else

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Unbound ships in a discreet brown mailing box. I actually had no clue what it was at first because they said that the box contained “electronics” when they filled out the international shipping form. This is perfect for those of us who get things shipped to work, PO Boxes, etc.  At first glance, this month’s box appears to have a bit of a feminine vibe going on. Like I mentioned above, it is the “Delta” box with the tagline being “a woman’s golden triangle”.

Unbound Box Review May 2016 - 8

Jimmyjane Intro 2 Vibe – Featuring a powerful motor in each of its two soft silicone ears, the I2 can be pinched together lightly or snugly around your clit (or nipples) for a delicious sensation.  The vibe is ergonomic and easy to operate, with one button that cycles through three levels of intensity and two different modes (steady vibration and rapid pulses).  The device is also fully waterproof, though if you pair it with lube make sure to use one that is water (not silicone) based so as not to degrade it.

To be totally honest this kind of freaks me out…..but at the same time it kind of intrigues me. But isn’t that what adult subscription boxes are all about? Trying new things and keeping an open mind? That’s half the fun.

Unbound Box Review May 2016 - 9

Exsens Cooling Stimulation Gel – Don’t be fooled by the delicate scent and floral packaging. This French-imported gel does not eff around. Apply a small(!) dollop to your finger and gently rub on your nipples or clitoris for a near-immediate, intense, cooling sensation that heightens arousal and deeply focuses you in on your body.

I find that most gels and lubes, when scented, tend to smell bad, even if they are fruit scent. But this one actually smells really nice, it’s subtle but not too subtle. It says you only need a little but, so with it being a pump top you will have to be careful when dispensing it.

160520_UnboundEcomm_16_Belle_Duo_020_grandeUnbound Box Review May 2016 - 10

Unbound Body Chain – A sexy Unbound exclusive, just for their loyal badass customers. This chic cross-body chain features a convenient front clasp and small gold “UN” charm on one side. Wear it out under a low-cut blazer or stay in and take advantage of the crisscross design that leaves nipples exposed for further play.

I LOVE that this is versatile. Or in other words, it’s not only for the bedroom. I can actually see myself wearing this, and it definitely sticks with the feminine vibe the box has going on. I’m always happy to receive jewelry, it’s actually one of the things I appreciate about my lifestyle subscription boxes, and now I get to look forward to it in my adult boxes – #happygirl.

Unbound Box Review May 2016 - 7

Bijoux Indiscrets Silver Mini Pasties – Easy to apply and remove; these self adhesive silicone based covers are incredibly versatile for all sizes and shapes of breasts.  No matter if you a big breasted Betty or a small breasted broad, these nipple covers are very size friendly.

I’m glad these bad boys are size friendly because I didn’t get blessed with the boob gene. As much as I’m not into the whole dress-up thing (that might be too much info) I actually really like these. Is there such thing as a pretty pastie?

Unbound Box Review May 2016 - 6

Unbound Bag – Love this bag, and love the quote. The product card says to keep all your favourite indulgences in this cheeky, cotton drawstring bag. I get quite excited when I see canvas totes in my subscription boxes, who woulda thought I would end up receiving one in an adult subscription box. This is a great idea, I would love to see one in every box……but I’m sure not everyone loves canvas totes as much as I do.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 09.43.38

Thoughts: Another great box from Unbound, it’s just as I remembered it…..an Adult Subscription box done right. There’s a very fine line when it comes to these kind of boxes, I’ve mentioned this in previous reviews, but they can easily be cheesy (totally didn’t mean to sound like Dr. Seus there). Luckily, this one is on the “classy” end of the Adult box spectrum, and I love it. I feel like they had a nice mixture of products this month, and the body chain was a nice little surprise. I think it is super cute, and very feminine. I would still like to see this as a monthly offering, rather than quarterly, but other than that I am a huge fan.

What do you think of the May Unbound Box?





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