Unplugged Book Box Review October 2019

Do you like to unplug from the real world? Do you take time out of your day to relax and unwind? Unplugged Book Box is a one of a kind self-care subscription that delivers skin-care, plus bath & body items and a newly released book to your door monthly. Unplugged offers two subscription options: young adult fiction and adult fiction. YA subscription plans are $34.99 a month, and adult subscription plans are $39.99 a month. If you are looking to unplug your devices once a month and have a little more you time, this might be the box to try.


The package last month was pretty plain, but I liked the box design this month. It was purple with the business logo printed on it in green. The color combo was very eye catching. All of the self-care items were neatly wrapped, as to not damage the goods. Additionally, the book was wrapped like a present. I like the extra attention to detail.

What Came in the adult fiction FEAR Box:

Self-care Items

The self-care items included in this box were whipped soap inspired by Pet Semetary and designed by Nature’s Whimsey, a candle inspired by American Psycho and crafted by Wick Wish Candle Co., and a lip cream inspired by Prince Lestats and created by Artisan Bath Co. I like that the team included a whipped soap because that is a product I have never tried before, so I am excited about it. I also have an obsession with bookish candles, so I am pumped they included a new one this month.

Bookish Items

The bookish items included in this box were a tote bag inspired by Edgar Allen Poe and designed by Pineapple Miracles, an exclusive cutting board inspired by Michael Myers, and skull hand clips. The tote bag was my favorite item included this month because I love Poe’s writing. I just wish the tote was made of a thicker material because I honestly probably will not use it. It could be used at the grocery store, but it is not sturdy enough for everyday use.

The adult fiction book of the month was Tin Foil Butterfly by Rachel Eve Moulton. This sounds like the perfect read for October but a little too terrifying for me.

Unplugged Book Box Review October 2019 – Final Thoughts

The Unplugged Book Box team did a great job creating a terrifying theme this month. It is a very appropriate theme for October since Halloween is coming up. They also did a great job of collaborating with a lot of small businesses. Overall they created the perfect spooky atmosphere.

Lisa – https://girlsinbooks.wordpress.com

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