VictoryBox Review December 2016

Victory Box Review December 2016

VictoryBox is a men’s fashion subscription service where members receive 3-4 dapper men’s accessories each month for $16/month. Bonus items also included frequently as well. They kindly sent me this box for review. 

Here’s a look at the items we received this month:

Winners Circle Fashion Co Tie

When I look at this tie, two words come to mind, old school, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The style, colors, and fabric remind me of something my Dad had when I was young.

Winners Circle Fashion Co Pocket Square

One thing is for sure, the tie and pocket square go together perfectly. I am a huge fan of contrasting patterns, especially classic patterns likes stripes and polka dots.

Winners Circle Fashion Co Collar Stays

Collar stays are a genius idea. I was introduced to them for the first time a few months back, and really love the idea of them. They are inserted into specially made pockets on the underside of a shirt collar to stabilize the collar’s points.

VictoryBox Review December 2016 – Final Thoughts

As much as I like this month’s Victory Box (the value is definitely there) I kind of feel like it is missing something. It’s a good box, not a great box. Maybe it’s the fact that it is missing the December vibe that some of my other boxes have provided. I’m not too sure, I can’t really put my finger on it. But……that does’t mean I don’t like the box. The price point is amazing, and the pieces go together perfectly. This is one of the most reasonably priced men’s fashion subscriptions on the market.





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