VictoryBox Review January 2017

Winners circle fashion company specializes in handmade floral ties to create the perfect ensemble, no matter the occasion.  For just $16 a month you receive 1 #VictoryBox around the 10th of the month including 3-4 dapper men’s accessories.

This is my first VictoryBox review and I have to say I’m pretty impressed!  It’s a great value for what you are getting.  The tie alone would be worth the whole value of the box.  I would easily give these items as a gift and feel proud of the quality, diversity and value of the items.

Pocket Square

I love this pocket square!  I can really see pocket squares becoming the new trend and fully support anyone willing to start it.  They are such an easy way to add some quick class to your outfit and VictoryBox is a great place to start when looking for that splash of class!  Just look at how awesome the stitching is on this square!  It’s a perfect eye-catching conversation starter for the ladies.  Just sayin’.


No pocket square is complete without a best friend of a tie.  I’m so impressed with the quality of this tie and am in love with the pattern and width of it.  This really is a versatile piece making this box an already win-win can’t lose victory!

Brickell After Shave

Brickell After Shave.  I can’t review this as a product, but I can tell you it has a very pleasant smell and it’s a great size for the office or jet setting business traveler!  There’s also no sense in looking good with such a tidy pocket square if your face has a two-day shadow on it.  Let’s keep it tidy out there boys.

Cuff Links

I love that these cuff links match the pocket square!  VictoryBox does such a good job to make sure all the small ends are looked after and tied together.  This is a sharp combination that would be great for the office or drinks on the weekend.  The colours and patterns in this months box are also very traditional and lasting in fashion.

I’m already looking forward to see what’s coming next for VictoryBox!





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