VTMN Packs Review August 2021

VTMN Packs is Canada’s first vitamin subscription service providing personalized daily vitamin packs tailored to your body’s needs. In just a few clicks, your vitamins are delivered right to your door. They kindly sent us this box for review.

I have been receiving VTMN Packs for a little while now, and let me tell you……I am loving it. It’s such a convenient way to purchase your vitamins. It keeps me on track, and it keeps me stocked with my prenatals at ALL times. It’s currently one of my “must-have” subscriptions and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Subscription Details

Each VTMN Packs order comes with enough packs to cover you for 30 days, so depending on how often you take your supplements (most of theirs are taken twice a day), the total number of packs you get may be between 30 and 60.

Your month’s supply of daily dose packs come pre-loaded and coiled in a stylish and convenient dispenser box. Inside each box, you will find a personalized supplement chart that outlines all the important information you need to know about your packs and what’s inside. You can choose to get separate morning and evening dispenser boxes or have your morning and evening packs alternate within the same box.

How It Works

1: Take the evidence-based Health Assessment and instantly get a pack tailored to you that’s been assessed and approved by the advisory board.

2: Have a regimen you’re happy with? Add what you’d like to your own custom pack from the wide variety of high quality vitamins and supplements.

3: Your VTMN Packs order is delivered to your door and comes with enough packs to cover you for 30 days.


One of the things I like about my VTMN Packs subscription is that I get to choose how I want my vitamins packaged. You can choose to have all of your vitamins in one box, or you can split them into a daytime box and evening box.

Some of my vitamins need to be taken both morning and night, and one of my vitamins only needs to be taken at night, so each day I have two packages to take.


For my third delivery I decided to stick with the same vitamins I received in my first two boxes. Some of these were suggested as a result of filling out the evidence-based Health Assessment and some of them I added on my own.

I think I might take a break from my prenatal vitamins for the next few months (that’s a story for another day) so I might revisit my vitamin list, but for right now these are the ones I like to take daily.

  • Vegan Omega
  • B Complex
  • Prenatal Multi
  • Vitamin C
  • Probiotic AF
  • Iron

For each review I will feature one of the vitamins in my pack, provide you with more details and the reasons as to why I have included it in my delivery. For my first review I featured my prenatals vitamins, for my second review I featured Vegan Omegas, and for this review we are going to talk about B Complex.

B Complex

Each B Vitamin has its unique role in the body, contributing individually and collaboratively to support healthy skin and hair, prevent early aging, slowing memory loss, forming red blood cells and managing the central nervous system.


Women who are pregnant or trying to conceive should ensure they are taking a good quality Prenatal Multivitamin that has a mix of all the B’s in addition to sufficient levels of Folic Acid (B9) which is critical for neural tube development in a growing baby. A separate B Complex is not often required in addition to a good foundational prenatal regimen unless otherwise advised by your primary care provider

Vegetarians, vegans or those who follow a primarily plant based diet could find themselves needing an additional B complex as many of the primary food sources are animal based, especially Vitamin B12 for which there are no reliable plant based sources.

Those who tend to regularly consume more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks per day have a higher need for supplemental B Vitamins as the liver requires B Vitamins for the metabolism and removal of alcohol from the system. Furthermore, because alcohol is a diuretic and B Vitamins are water soluble, regular drinkers tend to lose more through fluids and require additional replacement. 

Regular or past use of the hormonal birth control pill can deplete B vitamins, so if getting off the pill is not an option at this time, taking a regular B Complex supplement will help make up for any losses.  

Chronic stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on our adrenal system leading to low energy, fatigue and mood changes. It’s important to work with your primary care provider to determine the root cause, but often times, supplementing with a high quality B complex can help restore levels and manage your stress as you work on implementing supportive lifestyle changes.

So…….if we look at the points above, 3 out of the 5 apply to me which is why I like to take a B Complex and can usually tell when I am running low.

We are trying to conceive (or we were for the last year), I follow a vegan diet, and I tend to have a little added stress and anxiety in my life. To me personally, B Complex is an important vitamin to take, and I feel much better (and healthier) when it is part of my daily vitamin routine.

VTMN Packs Review August 2021 – Final Thoughts

VTMN Packs was one of the winners in our 3rd Annual Canadian Subscription Box Awards, and I can definitely see why. As mentioned above, it is currently one of my “must-have” subscriptions and will be for the foreseeable future. It’s such an easy and convenient way to purchase your vitamins each month, and it also keeps me on track with actually taking my vitamins thanks to the convenient little packages they come in. I simply tear them off each morning while I am waiting for my coffee to brew, I keep them on the counter beside my water if I am staying home for the day, or I throw them in my purse if we are heading out. Either way it helps me remember to take my vitamins and as a result it adds value to the subscription overall. It’s a box I would highly recommend!

-AYOB Sarah

VTMN Packs

VTMN Packs is Canada’s first vitamin subscription service providing personalized daily vitamin packs tailored to your body’s needs. In just a few clicks, your vitamins are delivered right to your door.

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