WagWell Box Review September 2020

WagWell Box is a monthly subscription that delivers a box full of organic treats and premium toys to keep your dog healthy and happy. Each month, you will receive a box featuring only brands with integrity that manufacture high quality pet products.

They kindly sent us this box to review.

Subscription Details

The WagWell Box costs $34 per month with free shipping to the USA and $7 shipping to Canada. Each box contains 2 bags of 100% organic treats, 2 all-natural bully sticks, a premium toy, and a fashionable bandana. All treats are made in the USA or Canada.

How it Works

Select your dog’s size – There are size options for small (up to 20 lbs), medium (between 20-50 lbs), or large dogs (50 lbs or more). WagWell recommends that you size up if your dog is close to the top end of a size category.

Choose an extra toy option – You may select to receive an extra toy for an additional $9.
Sit back and your box will be shipped to you!

Everything came neatly packed in a brown cardboard box with the WagWell logo. The products are nicely wrapped in a printed paper.

Every WagWell Box comes with an information card about all the toys and treats in the box.

There is a message encouraging pet parents to share a photo of their dog enjoying the box on social media with the hashtag #wagwellbox

Here is a closer look at everything in the WagWell Box:

Hatchables Inside Out Turtle Toy

The first thing I immediately spot when opening the box is this super cute turtle toy. My dog loves toys that are of other animals, so this is sure to be a hit! This toy is also reversible, you can flip the turtle over to form an egg that is great for playing fetch. I love that it is both cute and versatile.

Fetch Canvas Fish Toy

The second toy this month is a canvas fish that also works well as a throw and fetch toy. The canvas material used is really durable. Our dog loves that it squeaks.

Coco Therapy Pure Hearts Organic Coconut Dog Treats

The first treat this month is a bag of 100% organic Pina Colada dog treats from Coco Therapy. We received a similar treat last month in a different flavor that was a real hit, so I am really happy to see it included again. These treats are suitable for both dogs and puppies. They contain no egg, dairy, gluten, grains, preservatives, or artificial flavors and colors. The ingredients include coconut, buckwheat flour, coconut nectar, coconut oil, and pineapple. Love the short and simple ingredient list!

Dog Mamma’s Berry Banana Coco Chunk

The second bag of treats are these oven baked berry banana coco chunks from Dog Mamma’s. These small batch hand crafted treats only contain 100% organic ingredients such as brown rice flour, blueberries, bananas, coconut, honey, cinnamon, and chia seed. They are wheat, corn, and soy free.

Butcher’s Block Bones

WagWell Box usually includes two 100% all-natural bully sticks each month. These are a great treat option for dogs. We often give our dog bully sticks to chew on for some extra teeth cleaning, so I am always happy to see these in a box.

Dog Bandana

Look at how cute this is! Every WagWell Box includes a cute and fashionable bandana. I really love the reinforced stitching around the edges. I think this is such a cute accessory for fun pictures! This bandana I got is for large dogs and fits dogs with necks up to 24″. It fit our dog perfectly.

WagWell Box Review September 2020 – Final Thoughts

We loved everything in this month’s WagWell Box. All the treats were a hit with our dog, and the turtle toy is his new favorite. Our dog knows that this box is for him, and he gets all excited for unboxing time. I love that the toys in the box are of great quality, and that the treats from good sources. The bandana this month is so cute too! WagWell Box is great for any pet parent looking to treat their dog each month.

Toby & Rocket – http://www.tobyandrocket.com

WagWell Box

WagWell Box is the Organic and All-Natural Monthly Dog Box which includes organic treats, all-natural chews, premium toys, and fashionable dog bandana!

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