Wantable Intimates Review February 2016

My January Wantable Intimates box was a HUGE bomb. I wasn’t really happy with it at all, and it takes a lot for me to say I am “unhappy” with a subscription box. I was super excited to review the new Intimates box as they recently made some changes to this collection, and I had high hopes for it.

If you aren’t familiar with Wantable it is a monthly subscription box that offers 5 different box options: a beauty box, intimates box, fitness box, style box, and a jewelry/accessory box. This page contains referral and affiliate links.

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The Box: Wantable Intimates Box

Cost:  $50 for your first collection, $46/month thereafter

What You Get: Stylists will handpick 3 pieces of intimates apparel that perfectly fit your preferences. Choose comfy loungewear or sultry lingerie. Keep what you love, return what you don’t.

Ships to: US, Canada, Australia, UK

Shipping Cost: $6 to Canada, $10 to Australia, $7 to UK

Tax & Duty: $5.01 to Canada

Wantable Intimates February 2016 2 Wantable Intimates February 2016 5

As soon as I opened this month’s Wantable Intimates box I knew it was going to be better than last month’s box. The colors and fabrics are much more my style…..maybe I need to revise my style preferences…

Wantable Intimates February 2016 9

Aztec Mixed Legging ($24) – Yup! These are amazing! I’ve been waiting for a pair of tights like this for over a year now. I always see cute little leggings and knee-high socks on other reviews, and I am always jealous….now I have my own….how do I request more of these?

Wantable Intimates February 2016 7

Long sleeve Tunic ($30) – Another great piece, and I love that the color is Spring appropriate. My biggest complaint about Wantable is the fact that their items are rarely season specific. I actually wore this last night….it’s perfect to lounge around in, or wear to bed…I love it!

Wantable Intimates February 2016 8

Ruffle Shorts ($30) – I feel the same way about these as I do about the tunic….they are perfect! I love the fabric, I love the color, and I love the way they fit. I wore them under the tunic and have a feeling it will be my new go-to outfit at the end of the day.

Wantable Intimates February 2016 4

Value: $84

Thoughts: Us Canadians don’t get the best value when it comes to our Wantable box, but I just love the concept so much that I keep coming back for more. This month’s box definitely makes up for my less than perfect January box, and makes me want to subscribe for another couple of months. I found out that they have recently introduced the Wantable Stream, which is a place where you can see what other subscribers received in their boxes and request the ones you like, but I couldn’t really figure it out, and I didn’t really see anything I liked as it was mostly jewelry and style edits. I will definitely keep an eye on it though.



Wantable is a personal styling service that uses a combination of expert stylists and technology to handpick apparel or active gear based on your budget, size and style.

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