Wantable Review: Love to Lounge Edit

Wantable is a personal styling service that uses a combination of expert stylists and technology to handpick apparel or active gear based on your budget, size and style. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Prior to discovering the lounge edits from Wantable my loungewear wardrobe was seriously lacking. I can’t even tell you how sad it was…..old ratty tanks from 10 years ago, leggings that were so faded you could barely tell what color the pattern originally was….need I go on? I didn’t realize how nice it is to have cute loungewear outfits, and I didn’t know how therapeutic it would be to purge my drawers or all the worn out pieces. In my personal opinion, everyone needs at least a couple cute loungewear outfits and that’s why I LOVE Wantable so darn much!

Subscription Details

CHOOSE YOUR EDIT: Select the Style, Active or Men’s Edit and take the quiz. They’ll send the perfect pieces based on your unique needs. Your $20 styling fee is applied towards items you buy.

YOUR EDIT ARRIVES: Take five days to try on seven items at home. Pay only for what you love, return/exchange the rest.

FREE RETURNS & PICK-UP: Enjoy free shipping with free drop-off/pick-up for returns. Zero commitment—update your Edits at any time.

Here’s a closer look at the Wantable Love to Lounge Edit my stylist put together for me……

Prince Peter Collection Retro Tee

I love a good retro tee and have been meaning to purchase one (or two) more as I wear them a ton. This one is super cute, it fits perfectly and I really love the bright red color. Perfect for lounging but I could also pair it with my favorite jeans or a leopard midi skirt.


Beyond Yoga Pullover

This animal print pullover has my name written all over it! The material is super soft, it fits nicely, and it is SO comfortable. I like that it isn’t too oversized and I like that it’s not too long.


Beyond Yoga Jogger

To go with the pullover I received these super cute joggers. Just like the top they are soft, comfy and once I tried them on I didn’t want to take them off.


Z Supply Tank Bra

Sports bras are something I desperately need for my loungewear wardrobe. I haven’t purchased a new sports bra in FOREVER. I have a hard time finding ones that fit because I fall between a small and medium. Luckily, this one fit perfectly and it is one of the most comfortable sports bras I own. I like the tank style and the fact that it is a little bit longer than a regular bra, and the material is unbelievably soft.


Glyder Long Sleeve

I have to be totally honest. When I pulled this Glyder outfit out of the box I thought for sure it would be a return. I wasn’t really loving the solid color, the fitted top or the wide-leg pants. But…..it is SO much cuter on than it is lying on the floor. I fell head-over-heels in love with it the moment I put it on.


Glyder Comfort Pant

As I mentioned above I was not expecting to like these pants. The style is something I haven’t worn in years and I was convinced they would be too short, as most pants like this usually are. But, as you can see from the photo, they fit perfectly and the outfit is actually really flattering.


Richer-Poorer Sweatpant

These purple sweatpants ended up being the only item in the box I didn’t like. I’m not really a fan of purple and they are a little too frumpy on my small frame.


Wantable Review: Love to Lounge Edit

My Love to Lounge Wantable Edit was a complete success, with the exception of the purple joggers. Other than that I love everything my stylist picked out for me and I’m actually starting think that she knows me better than I know myself, ha! Take the Glyder outfit for example, I was convinced I was going to hate it and wasn’t even going to try it on. Boy am I glad I did because it ended up being my favorite outfit in the box! Just goes to show you how nice a monthly styling service really is. I get to skip a trip to the mall and I always end up discovering something I never would have found on my own.

-AYOB Sarah


Wantable is a personal styling service that uses a combination of expert stylists and technology to handpick apparel or active gear based on your budget, size and style.

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