We Craft Box Review March 2020

We Craft Box provides you every month with 4 to 5 crafts for you to do with your kids and a story that matches the theme. There is always a cute monthly theme and you get all the materials and instructions to do the crafts. Of course, if your kids feel creative, why not let them go and enjoy the stuff to make their personal creation? No obligations here, just fun!

I do not know about you, but even more now, I am looking for activities to entertain my boys. Having to work from home (not my usual) AND taking care of the kids is quite a challenge. We Craft Box comes to the rescue! I get a nice box delivered at my door filled with fun themed crafts that I did not have to look for on the Internet and we also get all the material to make them. It is simply perfect for my busy family.

If you want to try it out, you can buy a box with the theme of your choice for $29.99 + shipping or buy a subscription. Here are your We Craft Box options:

  • month to month subscription ($29.99/month)
  • 3 months prepaid ($84.99)
  • 6 months prepaid ($159.99)
  • 1 year prepaid ($299.99)

*Prices are in USD. Shipping is free in the USA. Shipping fees are applied to shipments to Canada.

When you open the box, you first see the instruction booklet. On the first page, you find the story related to the theme. This month it is the story of Lloyd Llama that plays in the Lucky Llama Games.

On the other side of the story page, we get the instructions for the activities. Let me show you the five activities that We Craft Box kindly sent me to review.

First Activity: Standing Lucky Llamas

With this first craft you can design your own Llama. Let your child imagine his own colorful Llama and add all the details he wants. You can also add some 3D details with the colored puff provided. To finish the project, you insert cute little legs on your Llama to make it stand. We might do this one before I read the story so they can recreate the story with their Llamas.

We loved the previous items from Faber-Castell that we received. They truly make quality products that last and work wonderfully. You can see a test I did with the markers we found in the February box. Skinny lines are easily done as well as thicker lines simply by tipping the marker.

Second Activity: Lucky Llama Bookmark

I have two boys who love books and one of them can start multiple books at the same time. So, a new bookmark is always useful in our house. I particularly like that this one has an original shape. After coloring it, I might add a big piece of translucent tape to protect it and make it stronger. I will then pierce the hole to add the cute tassel.

Third Activity: Lucky Charm Wall Hanging

When my first son saw this activity, he said in a happy tone “Cool! Un attrape-rêve!!” (“Cool! A dream catcher!”). It is true it looks like one. They already have one in their bedroom, but with the bad news and stress we must deal with these days, bad dreams are coming almost every night. This homemade lucky charm will be useful beyond the fun of creating it. This activity looks a bit hard for my five year old but my oldest (8) will have a blast doing this one.

Fourth Activity: Lucky Llama Tapestry

This one will not be finished in one day and that is PERFECT. It will make the fun last for a few days/weeks. It reminds me of a large mandala and my sons and I love to color these. It is such a relaxing activity and it stops the little hamster in your head. With the string added at the top and the little tassels at the bottom, it will make a cute decoration to hang in our playroom once finished.

Final Activity: Advanced Crafting – Making Your Woven Bracelets!

That final activity looks super fun and I know my oldest son will be pleased to do it. I have never seen woven bracelets made this way and I find it pretty original. It is my third review of We Craft Box and it is the first advanced craft that I encounter. I think it is fun for the older kids who find the other activities easier. This one will take longer to make and will give some challenge to those advanced crafters out there.

We Craft Box Review March 2020 – Final Thoughts

Another colorful month with We Craft Box that brings joy and fun to our house. I totally love all the activities and cannot wait to start creating with my boys. I love reading, so I have a big crush on the Llama bookmark. Also, the woven bracelet looks fun to make and the tapestry will take some time to draw, but that is perfect since we have a lot more time to play at home.

Big thumbs up for always sending quality material like the Faber-Castell markers and even the tape is a well-known brand. There is also enough material for two children, which is perfect if you have two kids and if you have an only child, this makes more for you to play along. If you want to see how we did, follow me on my Instagram, we will post our creations there.

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