We Craft Box Review November 2019

We Craft Box is prepared craft boxes delivered to your doorstep! Be creative, make memories, and enjoy time together, as each monthly subscription box comes with a themed story, coordinating crafts, ready-to-follow photo directions, and all material needed that can be shared between two children. They kindly sent us this box for review.

There are so many things to love about fall, but what I love most is that the crafting during fall is endless! We Craft Box subscription brings fall to life in such a great way to bond and enjoy the season with your little one! Crafting usually takes a lot because most of the time you don’t have the materials handy to make them, this means an extra trip to the store which can take forever with little ones.

We love our We Craft Box because it comes with EVERYTHING you need in 1 box for 4-5 crafts and nothing goes to waste! Everything in your We Craft Box will be put to use!

Upon opening our box, we found a card with all we would find inside of our box and how to use the items, such as the foam for multiple purposes! We Craft Box let’s you and your child tap into your imagination and get creative!

We used the foam in our box to decorate some of our crafts but it doubles as an adhesive for other crafts which was fun for us! No 2 crafts were the same!

Our first craft was the Owls. The owls were created with pastel chalk, wings, tube and foam! It was fun to help my little one draw the owls face and bond over creating these together!

Our second craft was wood slice ornaments. We got to color the wood and decorate with fluffy paint and owl stickers!

Our third craft was so cute! We used a panted acorn to create a mouse’s body. We created the mouses face with foam and it was seriously the cutest mouse we ever did see!

For our next craft we made thankful pie made out of plates! We colored them and glued the cotton balls in the middle to create a whip cream on the pie effect!

And last but not least a pastel drawing of fall leaves!

We Craft Box Review November 2019 – Final Thoughts

Overall this is a subscription box I would highly recommend for mamas with littles! We bonded so much over these crafts, teaching my daughter how to use certain things! We found the foam so amusing because not only did it serve as a decoration for the craft, but it also served as the glue to stick things together!

We Craft Box really brought us another moment to bond over something we love, crafts!

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