Whimsey Mail & Putter Pails Review March 2016

I reviewed my first Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails boxes back in November, and thought it was a fun idea. They have two different boxes to choose from, one for tween boys, and one for tween girls. I like the idea of separating the boxes based on gender. This allows your children (whether you have girls, or boys, or both) to get similar boxes and guarantees that no one gets left out.

If you aren’t familiar with Whimsy Mail it is a new Canadian Tween Subscription Box with a new theme every month! They also have a box for boys called Putter Pails. They handpick unique and creative products that they know your tweens will enjoy as much as they do. Each month you can look forward to receiving a whole new parcel of fun. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 2

The Box: Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails

Cost: $23.95

What You Get: Every month is a new theme featuring unique and fun products.

Ships to: Canada

Shipping Cost: $4.95

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 9

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails sent me both boxes to review. I posted separate reviews last time but have combined them this time because they are very similar. the main differences between the two boxes are colors and patterns.

This month’s theme is “For the Love of Travel” so all of the items we have received will  be travel appropriate. This is very convenient because my niece and nephew just went on their first plane ride. I would have liked to give them these prior to leaving, but at least they will be prepared for their next trip.

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 4

Kikkerland Clothespin Clip Light – Sorry, but I am keeping this one for myself. This would have come in handy about a week ago. I desperately wanted to read in bed but didn’t want to turn the light on. I am actually super excited about this item. Both boxes contained one of these. Is it bad if I keep both?

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 7 Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 11

DIY Putter Journal – Each box contained a DIY journal, but the fabrics had different patterns and the embellishments were also slightly different. This is a really fun idea but I think my nieces might be a little too young for it. I’m even a little overwhelmed by it, but then again I am SUPER tired today. I should probably read the instructions again tomorrow morning after a giant cup of coffee……and baileys.

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 6

Luggage Tag – Both boxes contained a luggage tag (which is such a great idea) but the design on each was slightly different, one was a bit more girly than the other.

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 8

Scratch Map – I’ve never seen a map like this before, you scratch off the places you have been. It’s an updated version of the push-pin map, and I love it. I’m not much of a traveler, definitely more of a homebody, so luckily the product card gives us the idea of scratching off the top 3 places we would like to travel and go form there.

Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails March 2016 5

Nature’s Path Granola Bars – Granola bars are ALWAYS a good idea….enough said.

Thoughts: These boxes are such a fun idea for tweens. Every kid loves getting mail, and this one provides a learning experience, craft activity, fun accessories, and most importantly…..snacks! Yes, the journals might be overwhelming me today, but how fun are they! I am thinking about my friend Ashley right now. They just got back from a Spring Break trip with their two little ones, and this box would have been a perfect gift prior to the trip. They could have looked on the map to see where they were going, created their travel journals prior to leaving, kept track of what they did and saw while they were there, put their luggage tags on their bags, and had snacks for the drive…….they would have loved that!!

What do you think of Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails?





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