White Willow Box Review April 2020

White Willow Box is Canada’s leading lifestyle subscription box for women with a stylish flare shipping across Canada and the US. Every two months you will receive four to five products valued at over $80 CAD. They kindly sent us this box for review.

My April White Willow Box arrived yesterday and I was so looking forward to it. I feel like we all need something special to look forward to right now and what’s more special than a pretty box full of beautiful items?!

Subscription Details

Here’s how White Willow Box subscriptions work…

  1. Choose Your Plan – Join White Willow and select your subscription plan from our two available options.
  2. Leave the Rest to Us – We will curate the perfect box filled with exciting products for a great experience.
  3. Unveil Your Surprise – Enjoy your new found delights and share your experiences with family and friends.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the April White Willow Box…..

Table Runner ($30)

These table runners are very uplifting and bring a lively energy to any table. A stunning addition to patio tables or laid-back summer gatherings around the dining room table. They pair beautifully with colourful dishes and enliven classic white dinnerware. 

This beautiful table runner was available in two different styles – Abstract Floral or Eucalyptus Leaves. I received Eucalytpus Leaves and I am beyond happy with it. I love the look of eucalyptus leaves and I love the simplicity of the design. Even though I gravitate towards solid colors and neutral patterns I can definitely see myself using this on my table during the Spring and Summer. Displayed with my simple white and grey dishes. Maybe a few wood pieces here and there. It will be beautiful.

Quad Planter Tray ($18)

This quad planter in green makes a stylish and modular home for your favorite cacti, succulents and more. Made of 75% bamboo fibre and 25% melamine, this biodegradable, eco-friendly planter is as versatile as it is adorable. Waterproof and suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a drainage hole at the bottom of each planter. 

I never use to like plants but over the last couple years I have grown to love them. I have a few tropical plants throughout the house and have been wanting to add a few more. I particularly like the look of succulents so I am thinking I will use this pretty green tray to plant a few in. I like the versatility of this tray. Each piece is separate so you can display it a number of different ways.

Vanilla Tangerine Lip Conditioner ($5.95)

Scentual’s 100% natural nourishing lip conditioners are handcrafted to provide long lasting moisture and protection. The silky, gluten free formula utilizes Cocoa and She butters to nourish, while creating protective barriers to shield delicate lips from environmental elements, free-radical formation and UV. Each use releases a blend of pure essential oils and the bright energizing aroma of luxurious Vanilla and fruity tangerine. 

Believe it or not but I was in need of a new lip balm. I receive them quite often but am always misplacing them. I like to keep one beside my bed, in my office drawer, in my makeup bag, in my purse and in the car. The one I had in the car mysteriously dissapeared so this will be its replacement.

Jams & Jelly ($9)

These delectable jams and jellies are ideal accompaniments to your favorite artisanal cheeses or as a spread for warm scones and breads. They elevate the flavours of cheese by contrasting saltiness with sweetness, by cutting richness with tartness, or by enhancing the textural complexity of each bite. The wine jams and jellies contain no actual alcohol as it is burned off during the cooking process. The flavor that remains is the essence of the wine without being overpowering. 

Curated in: Pear & Riesling, Rose Petal and Gewürztraminer, or Blueberry & Lavender. 

Our food item this month came in the form of a lovely artisanal jam. I received Pear & Riesling which definitely would have been my choice had I been able to choose. I have been treating myself to toast and coffee each morning when baby goes down for his first nap. I say “treat” because I usually try to stay away from bread but it’s just so darn good. I will save this jam for my treat days and enjoy it with some vegan butter and some fresh sourdough bread…… how good does that sound!?

Peppermint Sage Hand & Body Wash ($20)

This natural Peppermint Sage exfoliating body wash is an earthy botanical blend specially formulated to help cleanse and condition your skin. Peppermint oil is revitalizing, uplifting your senses. Sage oil has a clarifying and cleansing effect on body, mind and spirit. Organic aloe vera has been included for its conditioning properties and ability to instantly provide moisture, while exfoliating pumice effectively brightens your skin. 

Oh my goodness! Thank you White Willow Box for such an amazing product given the current circumstances! This hand and body wash arrived at the perfect time. I will of course be using it as a hand wash as opposed to a body wash because let’s be honest…… we are all washing our hands 10x more than we did before. I needed one to put beside the kitchen sink so that is where this one will be going. Bonus points for the amazing scent!!

White Willow Box Review April 2020 – Final Thoughts

The April White Willow Box is absolutely perfect! It arrived at the perfect time, added a little sunshine to my day and provided me with a must-have product for the current state of the world – hand soap! In addition to that I received a beautiful table runner to add a little color to my kitchen table, a yummy artisanal jam for my morning coffee break (while the rest of the house is sleeping), a lip balm to replace the one that disappeared from my car and a pretty new planter which will allow me to bring some of the outdoors inside while I practice my social distancing. I am beyond happy with everything we received and think White Willow Box did an exceptional job curating and sourcing the products for this month’s box. It makes me kind of sad that I have to wait until June for my next box to arrive but it will definitely give me something to look forward to!

-AYOB Sarah

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