White Willow Box Review June 2021

My partner kicked me out for making a bad Arnold Schwarzenegger impression. So I said, “I shall return.”

A good impression can make all the difference and today’s subscription box makes a great one. White Willow Box is a bi-monthly lifestyle box from Vancouver, BC that delivers 4 to 5 full-sized and deluxe sample size products from beauty to home decor and everything in between for $65/box including Canadian shipping. The presentation is gorgeous (so elegant!) and the products even better, making for a fantastic box to give or receive at a price that won’t break the bank. In the words of the terminator himself, I will-ow be back. (Okay maybe my Schwarzenegger impressions aren’t the best either, ha ha.) Let’s take a look at the June box. *

* They kindly sent us this box for review

I want a subscription box to feel like a treat and White Willow’s elegant presentation brings that to another level. I almost felt underdressed unwrapping it, LOL. So fancy, no? The beautiful script, the branded ribbon and the classic black and white colour scheme is alllll working for me.

The White Willow Box product card was tucked under the tissue. Beautiful photography and the summery drinks look so refreshing! The reverse of the card includes photos and descriptions of the contents.

I don’t know if you can read the tiny print but at the very bottom it says 100% of net proceeds from this box will be donated to the BC Women’s Health Foundation. How much do we love a company that gives back?

8 oz SoL Cups by One Less · 100% Reusable Container / Eco-friendly / Plastic-free

“This glass travel tumbler from SoL Cups is a reflection of your smaller environmental footprint, without the sacrifice of convenience. Easily take it with you, wherever you go, and know that you are doing both the environment, and your health a favour. ($30)”

I’ve seen these cups online but they’re even lovelier in person. And BPA-free and safe for the dishwasher and microwave. The sleeve is really comfortable in the hand and protects you from scorching yourself on the glass when you’ve filled it with your piping hot bevvie. Subscribers received a cup in Radiant Rose (like mine) or Blue Stone. I love the pink!

Salt Block by Nana + Livy · Cruelty-Free / Eco-friendly / Palm-Oil-Free / Vegan

“These handcrafted salt blocks are simply a soap black with lots of high-quality fine Pacific sea salts! Filled with skin-nourishing minerals, the sea salt draws toxins out of the body while providing a catalyst which helps the glycerin in the pure, real soap absorb more easily in the skin. Exfoliating but not scratchy, Nana + Livy salt blocks feel like polished stones with dense and fluffy lather — making bath time a true in-home spa experience. ($8)”

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love Nana + Livy‘s products. The last time we partnered, Amelia (the owner) was kind enough to send me samples of their salt blocks in Charcoal Mint and Fresh Greens, which they’d just introduced to their product line. Just like the description says, they’re gentle on the skin and lather like a dream. Subscribers received one of four kinds: Sweet Flora, Charcoal Mint (that’s mine), Fresh Greens or Ginger Lemonade.

Bug Off Pure Essential Oil Remedy by Way of Will · 100% Natural Oils / Cruelty-Free / No Parabens / Vegan

“There’s so much to love about summer — but insect bites aren’t one of them. Bug Off uses a potent blend of natural oils and ingredients to relieve itching and irritation while also repelling insects. In addition to key essential oils, this formula includes moisturizing jojoba oil, nourishing vitamin E, and other essential oils — like eucalyptus, tea tree, and patchouli — to bring you long-lasting relief from bug bites. Enjoy nature in comfort with peace of mind that you’ll be free from insects and harsh chemicals that are found in conventional bug repellents. ($19)”

I love this product for a summer box and not-so-secretly hope we might see it again in the August one. I’ve been using it on my legs and arms in the evenings when I’ve been outside on the deck and I haven’t had a single bite. The roll-on formula is so easy to apply and the size is perfect to throw in your bag for patio hangs or nature walks or whatever. Excellent!

Candle by White Deer · 100% Reusable Container / Lead-Free Cotton Wick / Vegan

“Hand-poured in small batches and made with natural soy wax, phthalate-free fragrance oils, lead-free cotton wicks, and vegetable wax based dyes. The result is a natural, eco-friendly and clean burning candle that lasts a long time; you’ll get anywhere from 22 to 25 hours out of these little 4 oz guys! You won’t get any black soot or tunnelling and best of all, the packaging is recyclable and the tin containers can be cleaned and repurposed. ($12)”

White Willow was kind enough to reach out and ask subscribers for their preference of three White Deer scents: fruity Blush (the one I’ve got); floral Love; or Tropical Paradise with coconut and lime. They all sounded wonderful so I had a hard time deciding but honestly it was that poppy pink that swayed me to the Blush. I’m enjoying the scent but my hubby finds it a little overpowering so when it’s not burning I keep it capped with the lid.

Lipstick and Liner Duo by Bellapierre Cosmetics in Incognito · Vitamin C / Natural Oils

“Lip Duos contain both richly pigmented matte lipstick and coordinating lip liner. Simply trace the outline of the lips using the precise lip liner pencil, then fill in with a swipe of the lipstick. Formulated with nourishing ingredients such as sunflower seed oil and jojoba, velvety-smooth matte lipstick lasts for hours and will not cause dryness. ($30)”

I’ve tried a few different Bellapierre products over the years from various beauty boxes and they’re generally quite good so I was happy to see a familiar brand. And such a great colour! I feel like it would work on a wide variety of skin tones and I love it with mine. To get a matching set in the box rather than just the liner or the lipstick on its own feels very luxurious and while I don’t always use a lipliner, I’m happy I don’t have to hunt for one that works. I prefer a satin lipstick over matte just because matte can be drying but a swipe of a good lip balm before application works wonders to keep lips hydrated.

Watermelon Frosé by Gourmet du Village

“Celebrate the warm weather with this easy-to-make, refreshing wine slushy style drink. Think frozen Rosé wine with fresh watermelon flavour. Simply combine the mix with Rosé wine and ice cubes, blend and serve. Perfect cooling drink bursting with the taste of summer! ($5)”

Another subscription box has introduced me to several Gourmet du Village products over the years, including their frosé (only that one was pink strawberry). I gifted it to my mom because she entertains much more often than we do and I think I’ll save this one for her too. Or maybe we can have it together when she’s able to come for a visit. It sounds so refreshing, doesn’t it?

And there you have June’s White Willow Box! Absolutely gorgeous inside and out with a mix of quality products I’ll be enjoying all summer, some even longer! I love that White Willow sourced half of the items from small Canadian companies (thumbs up!) included environmentally friendly and/or cruelty-free products where possible (thumbs up!) and I’m totally blown away by their generosity in donating all of the proceeds of this edition to support women’s health (thumbs way up!). White Willow Box feels expensive but as lifestyle boxes go, it’s one of the lower-priced ones on the market and a great value for what you get. I think you will-ow love it too! Who wants to try White Willow Box?

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