White Willow Box Review October 2019

White Willow Box is Canada’s leading lifestyle subscription box for women with a stylish flare shipping across Canada and the US. Every two months you will receive four to five products valued at over $80 CAD. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Certain subscription boxes really shine this time of year. And by saying that I mean they really know how to embrace the Fall and Winter seasons and it shows in the curation of their boxes. White Willow Box is one of those subscriptions. I LOVE the Fall and Winter boxes from White Willow. I look forward to them all year. So if you are a Fall lover like myself, this is a subscription you definitely need to consider.

Subscription Details

Here’s how White Willow Box subscriptions work…

  1. Choose Your Plan – Join White Willow and select your subscription plan from our two available options.
  2. Leave the Rest to Us – We will curate the perfect box filled with exciting products for a great experience.
  3. Unveil Your Surprise – Enjoy your new found delights and share your experiences with family and friends.

Here’s a closer look at the items we received in the October White Willow Box…..

Metallic Top Carafe by Abbott Collection ($25)

Elevate any table setup with this stylish carafe. With gold or pewter metallic trim, it adds elegance and sophistication to any occasion or get-together. Use to serve wine, water, juice, dressing, etc. It might even come in handy as a vase from time to time.

This piece is so pretty. I am a huge fan of anything gold. I always have been. At first glance I wasn’t sure what I was going to use it for, but after reading the product description I am leaning towards using it as a vase in my new office.

Large Plaid Square Blanket Scarf ($40)

Plaids are in! Well they are always in! Keep warm this Fall (and Winter) with this season’s trendiest blanket scarf. It can be worn numerous ways, elevating your style to the next level while keeping warm. A trendy accessory that can multitask – now that’s what every girls on the go needs most!

Eeek! I was secretly hoping to see a plaid scarf in the October box and here it is. I believe this may be somewhat of a tradition for White Willow Box and I am more than ok with it. I LOVE receiving scarves in my subscription boxes. Especially oversized, square plaid scarves. Subscribers could have received one of three colors. I maybe would have preferred  one of the other colors but I’m certainly not complaining. I’m just happy to have another scarf to add to my collection.

PS – Square scarves are so versatile. You can wear them so many ways and they keep you cozy on cold Fall mornings.

Fall Favorite Candle by Wexford Candle Co ($10)

This is another item I was hoping to see in this month’s box. Yes, I am boring and predictable, but I am totally ok with it. I want all the Fall staples – scarves, candles and sweet treats. Candles are a MUST-HAVE this time of year. I like to have them all over the house and I usually have one burning on a daily basis. Subscribers could have received one of fours scents:

  • Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Chai, Sugar Cookies, or Evergreen

I received Cinnamon Chai but I’m really would have been happy with any of them. They all sound fabulous.

Bombee Fruitables Face Mask by Papa Recipe ($8)

Made from 100% plant-based cellulose material this mask contains fruit and vegetable extracts and is suitable for all skin types. They are rich in anti-oxidants and help your skin to absorb nutrients. The extra soft and thin sheet comfortably hugs the contours of your face for the entire masking session.

I’ve really come to love sheet masks. They are a nice little treat to have on hand. Use one after a long day to relax and pamper your skin. I received Purple Squeeze Lifting Mask and Orange Squeeze Energy Mask. The purple is made with a variety of purple fruits and vegetables and the orange is made with a variety of orange fruits and vegetables.

Caramel Apple Butter by Wildly Delicious ($8)

Flavours of Fall in a jar! Apples cooked in small batches with brown sugar, cinnamon, and allspice create this thick decadent caramelized spread. Serve on toast, with cake or pastries, spoon onto pancakes or french toast, or as a dip with fruits or crackers.

Last but not least we have our food item for the month. It’s an item that does not disappoint. It has Fall written all over it! I love all the suggestions on how to use it but I think I might use it a different way. Every so often we make a large pot of oatmeal (mixed with other goodies like Red River Cereal, raisins, almonds, etc) and this would be absolutely wonder on top.

White Willow Box Review October 2019 – Final Thoughts

The October White Willow Box was everything I was hoping it would be and more! I love that they have re-introduced popular items from previous Fall/Winter boxes like the plaid scarf and candle. I love those kind of items so much that I am more than happy to receive them each year. The October box is absolutely perfect for the Fall season – a cozy accessory, fall scented candle, skincare mask to pamper my dry skin, a yummy apple butter spread to enjoy on my morning oatmeal and a beautiful home decor piece for my office. I’m absolutely thrilled with everything we received. White Willow Box always has, and always will be, a favorite.


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