The Willie Wags Review May 2016

The Willie Wags Review May 2016

The Willie Wags Review May 2016 – I don’t like to use the word “obsessed” too often because I feel like the word is overused & abused by bloggers. I am obsessed with this top, I am obsessed with these shoes, I am obsessed with pretty much everything I post on Instagram… get the point. But, I really am OBSESSED with this subscription box, and I just couldn’t come up with a better word to describe my love for The Willie Wags. Let’s have a closer look at the obsession…..

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The Willie Wag Details

If you aren’t familiar with The Willie Wags it is the first subscription box that supports & gives back to women owned small businesses. It is a quirky and fun subscription service for professional women based on two core values: women supporting women and discovering those must have essentials that are hidden off the beaten path…or as they refer to it, The Willie Wags. This box was provided complimentary for review and may include affiliate links.

The Box: The Willie Wags

Cost: $59.99 per month

What You Get: 7 products from different women owned small businesses. When you subscribe to The Willie Wags, you will receive a box each month filled with carefully curated items from women owned small businesses. Each box is designed to empower, motivate, inspire, and encourage you. A portion of each box subscription goes back to fund growth opportunities for the small businesses we collaborate with! A subscription box never felt this good!

Ships to: US

Shipping Cost: Calculated at checkout

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Shipping Details

The Willie Wags really has their crap together when it comes to the shipping details. Everything goes together beautifully, and they clearly pay attention to the details. I love the brown box, the stamped logo, the individual product cards, and I even like the blue & brown paper squiggles……yup I just admitted to that. Shipping costs are separate from the subscription costs and they are calculated at checkout. I believe they start around $17, but they vary depending on where you live. PLEASE keep in mind that shipping is darn expensive, and can sometimes cost the subscription company as much as $25-$30. Let’s have a closer look at the products….

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Sterling silver Earrings by The Rubbish Revival

Meet Rebecca Long. Rebecca is the Girl Boss behind The Rubbish Revival. Everything that she sells is made from rubbish or found objections. She takes joy in upcycling other people’s junk into unique and fashionable products. 

**Willie Wags Lesson: Recycling is important. We must save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate!**

I love these simple little silver earrings, and I love the story behind their creation. I like to have a variety of stud earrings in my collection for those days when I’m not in the mood for dangly earrings to get stuck in my hair.

The Willie Wags Review May 2016 9

Beauty Essentials by GLOW for a Cause

Glow is a beauty company unlike any other. What started out as a quest to create the purest and highest quality body care products and soy candles has evolved into a glowing movement. Every time you buy a GLOW for a Cause product, you are not only pampering yourself, you are giving back 5% of the purchase to select non-profit organizations. 

**Willie Wags Lesson: Body care products cane make you beautiful inside and out!**

I’m already a HUGE fan of this brand. I recently received one of their solid perfumes in another box and fell in love immediately. I am super excited to try their body butter as my skin has been very dry lately.

The Willie Wags Review May 2016 10

The Willie Wags Review May 2016 11

Reusable Bags by Baggu

These beauties are one of our founder’s must haves. They are durable, washable and adorable. The matching pouch lets you carry it in your daily handbag neatly so you never are without a reusable bag again.

**Willie Wags Lesson: Reusable totes aren’t just for hippies!**

Give me reusable totes and keep em’ coming! I love these things, and have quite the collection going on. I really like that these ones fold up into such a tiny little pouch, it makes them easier to fit into my ginormous purse (note the sarcasm). I actually already have the pink one in my purse, and will probably put the striped one in my glove box.

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Mother’s Day Card by Flair & Paper

The owner of Flair & Paper has created a playful line of greeting cards that are inspired by her love of all things paper, her love/hate relationship with humanity and her everyday interactions. She creates whimsical and snarky cards that are sure to put a smile on your face. 

**Willie Wags Lesson: Sappy greeting cards are so last year!**

I received my May box a little late, thanks to the wonderful postal system, but I don’t need to wait until next Mother’s Day to use this card. Mom’s need cards like this all year long.

The Willie Wags Review May 2016 6

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Shonda is the creator and producer of some of the most watched shows on television today, and now her talent extends beyond Thursday night TV. Year of Yes is honest, comical, motivational and will leave you wanting to call her over for a glass of wine. 

**Willie Wags Lesson: Say yes to you. Every. Single. Day.**

Books are my favourite! And I LOVE seeing them in my subscription boxes. This one looks like a good read, but if I am being extremely picky, I would have liked to see a trashy beach read instead…..I’m in need of a good, mindless, beach book.

‘But First Coffee’ Print by Written for You

Rachel Riddell is the beauty behind Written for You. She loves drawing, writing in cursive and believes that we need daily reminders of love and friendship through written words.

**Willie Wags Lesson: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Remember to fill your’s everyday!**

Sadly this item was missing from my box, but I’m not upset about it. I know that if I email Willie Wags they will correct the situation, and I also know that things like this happen. Since I wasn’t able to see the print itself, I looked it up on their Instagram page and it is super cute. I LOVE receiving prints in my subscription boxes as it allows me to change-up the frames in my blog office every so often.

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The Willie Wags Review May 2016 – Final Thoughts

Once again The Willie Wags has put together an AMAZING box! I absolutely LOVE the items they find for us, as well as the shops/brands. I have discovered some pretty great shops thanks to this subscription; shops that I will be purchasing from in the future. I don’t know how they do it, but they manage to find items that I would have picked out for myself, which basically means that this box has a customized feel. It fits my lifestyle and preferences perfectly, and I always end up keeping every single item for myself. I will say it one more time, and this time I am going to say it with my chest…..I am OBSESSED with this subscription box!





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