Wohven Review April 2018

Wohven is a t-shirt subscription service that allows you to get premium quality tees for significantly less than retail pricing. Simply choose whether you want to receive blank or graphic tees, then sit back and watch the stylish shirts roll in every month. They kindly sent us this package for review.

Wohven is a brand new subscription service for quality t-shirts. I was drawn to it immediately because of the simplicity, price point, and style options. This is my kind of subscription……and the fiancé is going to love it too!

Subscription Details

When you sign up for a Wohven subscription you get to choose from the following…

  • Graphic Tee
  • Graphic V-Neck
  • Blank Tee
  • Blank V-Neck
  • Long-Sleeve Graphic Tee

Sizes range from small to xx-large and shipping is only $2!

Wohven is technically a men’s subscription but I asked if the shirts would work for us ladies and they said absolutely. They have men and women subscribers which makes me even more excited because as much as I love the idea of receiving a new tee each month for the fiancé, I love the idea of receiving a new tee each month for myself as well.

They kindly sent us a tee in both sizes (one for me and one for the fiance). Please note that regular subscriptions include one new tee each month.

Graphic Tee – Size XL

This month’s graphic tee was designed by William Finch of Bournemouth, UK. It’s a fresh take on a classic style. You can almost see the water in motion, about to crash on the shore or maybe the middle of the ocean.

First up we have the fiancé’s tee. He’s quite tall so I ordered him an x-large. The material is soft and it looks like the tee will fit well. I like that the graphic itself is simple and classic. There’s not too much going on. It’s perfect!

Graphic Tee – Size Small

Next up we have my tee. I ordered size small. I like my t-shirts to be loose and comfortable which is exactly how this one fits. Once again, I love the simple graphic and the contrast of the blue and green. I’ll wear it with black tights and Converse or my favourite boyfriend jeans and Birkenstocks.

Wohven Review April 2018 – Final Thoughts

I have to tell you…..I’m SO glad I discovered this subscription. Wohven really is the perfect subscription for my fiancé and myself. I love the idea of having a new tee delivered to our door each month. The fiancé wears t-shirts daily and goes through them like nobody’s business. He is in desperate need of a t-shirt makeover so this subscription really is perfect for him. I mylsef love a good tee as well. While I don’t wear them as often as he does, I certainly appreciate having a selection of comfy t-shirts on hand so Wohven fits my lifestyle also. As I mentioned above, it’s a subscription for men, but that doesn’t mean us ladies can’t enjoy it as well. Subscriptions start at only $9 per month so why wouldn’t you get a subscription for yourself and your significant other?! At that price it’s too good to pass up!


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