Woof Pack Review August 2018

Woof Pack is a monthly box for your fur-babies to enjoy! Every month your dog can expect to receive a variety of paw-picked toys, treats, and chews. Woof Pack boxes start at 32$/month  and are valued between 50$-60$ CAD.

Note: Over the next couple weeks we will be posting a few of the past boxes from Woof Pack. Today we are starting things off with the August 2018 box.

Subscriptions Available:

  • 12 months at 32$ CAD per month
  • 6 months at 36$ CAD per month
  • 1 month at 40$ CAD per month

Would you consider your pup smaller, larger, or right in the middle of the pack? Either way, Woof Pack offers boxes suitable for all dogs and sizes. The tiny dog box is for smaller dogs, up to 15 pounds, like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, and Miniature dogs. The medium dog box is for your average sized dogs that weigh up to 55 pounds like Bulldogs, Border Collies and Australian Shepards. Lastly, the big dog box is for those big furry friends over 55 pounds like Golden Retrievers and German Shepards. All of the boxes are the same price no matter the size of the dog.

August Theme

This month’s Woof Pack theme is Beach Day! It is the perfect theme to go along with the hot summer days. The illustration on the front of the info card is so cute and creative! It even has a little paragraph describing the picture which is pretty neat. On the back of the card you’ll find all the info listed about the products insides this month’s box. Since the theme is Beach Day, all of the toys and even some of the snacks are sea-life themed. The really cool part is that some of the toys included are from the illustration, like the “lifeguard shark” and the “splash turtle”.

Zippy Paws – Corgi with Hawaiian Shorts

Chill by the pool with this cool Corgi in Hawaiian shorts! This squeaky plush dog toy was perfect for my two dogs to tug on each end. His cool little shades are seriously the cutest thing.

All For Paws – Lifeguard Shark

Each box included either a splash turtle or lifeguard shark. We received the lifeguard shark with a durable float ring to chew on as a bonus! The float ring squeaks and the shark is like a plush toy for your pup. We put the ring around the shark and my dog had a blast pulling them apart over and over! My puppy is teething so I really love the firmness of the float ring and she was absolutely loving it!

Barnsdale Farms – Beef Backstrap

Next is a yummy beef chew from Barnsdale Farms. If you couldn’t tell, this didn’t last long in our house! My chihuahua puppy grabbed it and wouldn’t let go until she was done. I think it’s safe to say this was her favorite. It’s the first thing she pulled from the box so I can only assume it was tasty!

Great Jacks – Seaweed

This liver and natural seaweed snack is sure to get your pup smelling the ocean water. One whiff of these bad boys and you bet your dog will be all over it! I think this was a good addition to this perfectly curated box and keeps the sea-life theme very well.

Hero Dog Treats – Sweet Potato

Last up are these sweet potato snacks from Hero Dog Treats. Something I never considered when purchasing snacks was the nutritional value so I liked reading a little about these on the info card. These snacks are a great source for overall digestive health and low in fat so I’m very happy with them and glad my oldest dog, Mia, really enjoyed them.

Woof Pack Review August 2018 – Final Thoughts

This is our first Woof Pack box and by the looks of it, it is definitely a hit with my two chihuahuas. The toys are a great size for them to play together. Our puppy is still pretty small so the toys were a little too big for her to carry around comfortably but she likes playing tug of war with us so she still got to enjoy them. I can honestly say my dogs are not big fans of everyday store bought treats so I was a little worried how they’d like the snacks in the box but they both seem to approve of all these delicious treats!

Sabrina – https://dearsarabia.com

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