Woof Pack Review October 2018

Woof Pack is a monthly box for your fur-babies to enjoy! Every month your dog can expect to receive a variety of paw-picked toys, treats, and chews. Woof Pack boxes start at 32$/month  and are valued between 50$-60$ CAD.

Note: Over the next couple weeks we will be posting a few of the past boxes from Woof Pack. Today we are having a look at the October 2018 box.

Subscriptions Available:

  • 12 months at 32$ CAD per month
  • 6 months at 36$ CAD per month
  • 1 month at 40$ CAD per month

Would you consider your pup smaller, larger, or right in the middle of the pack? Either way, Woof Pack offers boxes suitable for all dogs and sizes. The tiny dog box is for smaller dogs, up to 15 pounds, like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Shih Tzus, and Miniature dogs. The medium dog box is for your average sized dogs that weigh up to 55 pounds like Bulldogs, Border Collies and Australian Shepards. Lastly, the big dog box is for those big furry friends over 55 pounds like Golden Retrievers and German Shepards. All of the boxes are the same price no matter the size of the dog.

October Theme

Place your bets, if you dare! The October Woof Pack box theme is Haunted Casino. Something spooky is in the air tonight because it’s Halloween. With zombie dealers and live monsters with teeth, this place is sure to get a good scare out of you. Looking at the list of products, quite a few are Halloween themed. This box is definitely going to be spook-tacular!

Kelly Toy – Monster Dice

First up is this monster dice by Kelly Toy! You may recognize that monster face from the popular Domo toys and bears. Shaped like a dice, this toy is perfect for a little toss and play with your dog. Roll the dice to them and watch them chase the little Domo!

Jolly Pets – Monster Ball

Sticking to the monster theme, Woof Pack also included this treat dispensing monster ball. It was also featured in the card illustration being used at one of the tables as a dice and you can even catch more monster balls all around the casino. This monster ball is a treat feeder, perfect for rewarding dogs and even giving them a little challenge. Jolly Pets suggests stuffing the ball with anything from treats to peanut butter to yogurt to your own homemade creation. It is very versatile and can also be used as just a ball to toss around and play fetch!

The Boucherie – Chicken Pot Pie

Next up are these chewy, moist chicken pot pie bites from Canada. At only 4 calories per treat, they are perfect for training and small breeds. You can also use these inside dog feeders, like the monster ball, to spoil your pup during snack time. The lean chicken is enriched with fruits and veggies, such as dries apples and dehydrated carrots.

Northern Biscuit – Pumpkin Pie

Who says dogs can’t enjoy a little pumpkin deliciousness during the holiday season too? These pumpkin pie dog biscuits are made using local Ontario pumpkin, making it the next best thing since pumpkin pie! Your dog can enjoy this treat guilt free because it is great for sensitive stomachs and overall digestive health. My chihuahuas are big fans of this crunchy treat!

The Barkery – Haunted Cookies

The Barkery offers a wide range of products, not only your day to day treats and snacks, but also cakes and cookies to celebrate those special occasions. These haunted cookies feature a skull on the front and look so yummy!

Woof Pack Review October 2018 – Final Thoughts

This month’s Woof Pack theme brings me so much joy! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with my family and I’m so happy to be able to include our pups in this year’s festivities. I like the color coordination going on inside the box. It makes the box very appealing and well put together. The monster ball was the biggest hit this month and between my two dogs it is surprisingly keeping up well.

Sabrina – https://dearsarabia.com

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