WOWBOX Review February 2017

WOWBOX distributes amazing products born from the rich culture of Japan.  They discover and curate Japan’s favourite treats, creating new trends and tasty experiences throughout the world.  Select from a variety of boxes and price points, WOWBOX is passionate about it’s customers and it’s products!  They spend time finding those products that aren’t readily available online to make sure you are getting an authentic Japanese experience! They kindly sent us this box for review.

What are the different themes you can choose from?  Thought you’d never ask!

FUN & TASTY – The original box for all Japanese snack lovers! Contains a good balance of all the fun, tasty, and weird treats Japan is known for.

KAWAII & BEAUTY – A girly themed box containing Kawaii packaged snacks and healthy snacks!

NEW & LIMITED – If you are a Japanese snack connoisseur and want to keep up with the latest trends, this one’s for you!

DAGASHI – Mini-sized snack box with a lot of treats from a bygone era.

We have received the “New and Limited” box this month!  Full of snacks you won’t be able to find anywhere outside of Japan get ready for your tastebuds to experience new and exciting flavours!

At first glance I was impressed with the amount and variety of items in the box.  However, and this is a huge however, there is no card in the box telling me what I received!?  Thankfully they list all items and their ingredients on their website!  That’s good, cause I can’t read any of these packets!

LOOK The Japan Assort

All the traditional tastes of Japan, jammed into one snack! This features chocolate, alongside green tea, kinako and brown sugar.

Mintia (Le Lectier)

Feel refreshed and fancy with these tiny tablets, featuring a lovely pear taste that will have you gobbling down more.

Kaga Bo Houji Cha

Take a break and savor this roasted green tea drink, perfect for when you need to relax a bit.

Bakauke (Matcha)

Get a traditional taste of Japan with these crackers, dusted with the refreshing taste of green tea powder.

Haru Potato Sour Cream Cheese

Enjoy an enhanced sour cream and cheese experience with these special, crunchy chips.

Caramel Corn Hina Matsuri

A classic sweet snack in Japan gets a makeover for the annual doll festival! But the rich caramel taste remains.

Coconut Sable (Cultured Butter)

These coconut biscuit gets an extra dash of richness courtesy of some special butter.

Sakeru Gummy Tsubu Tsubu Ichigo

Tear into this gummy delight, which splits off into small pieces sporting a lovely strawberry flavor.

Ichigo An Dora Yaki Milk Flavor

A classic Japanese treat, this dorayaki features a rich milk taste and strawberry alongside a traditional bean paste.

Toku Koi Milk 8.2 Chocolate

Here’s a treat to give your special someone! These hard candies features tasty chocolate inside each piece.

Aji Karuta (Karasi Mentaiko)

Featuring a spicy mentaiko flavor, this Japanese rice cracker is a fantastic snacking option.

WOWBOX February 2017 Final Thoughts

I was pretty impressed with this box.  I liked the variety of items and the size of them.  I haven’t received items quite like this in my other Japanese themed snack boxes.  I like that a drink was provided, as well as chips and chocolate!  Sometimes you just want the staples in your snack drawer.  I also like that WOWBOX has a variety of themes you can select from.  Wasn’t a fan of the box you received?  Try a different theme!





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