Your Bijoux Box Review May 2017

Your Bijoux Box is a monthly subscription box containing 3 pieces of jewelry, hand curated by Shana. The jewelry they select is on-trend, versatile and wearable, and you will receive at least $100 worth of jewelry each month. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Your Bijoux Box is one of the subscription boxes I’ve been reviewing since I started the blog. I almost can’t believe it has been around that long. Good on them for being one of the first out of the gate, and continuing to provide such a great box. I would consider this a “strong” box. Meaning they are consistent, have all their bases covered, and have proven themselves to be a contender in the subscription box marketplace.

Here’s a look at the items we received in the May Box:

Peony Necklace

Opalescent petals and golden stones make this necklace a perfect accessory for any Mother’s day Brunch. 

I think this just might be my favourite style when it comes to necklaces. I love the statement vibe, the shorter length, and the floral shapes. I have a couple other necklaces that are kind of similar to this, and they are my favourite to wear.

House of Harlow Chain

Each box will receive either the Frequency Necklace in gold or Torre Pyramids Necklace (silver or gold) by jewelry designer Nicole Richie. Gorgeous layered with other chains or as a delicate solo piece. 

Love, love, love this chain. House of Harlow is becoming a regular brand in Your Bijoux Box and so far I am totally ok with that. I like to see pieces from familiar designers, I feel like it adds value to the box. This is a really great layering piece. Pair it with one of your other favourite necklaces…’s perfect!

Tessellation or Meatora Earrings

House of Harlow earrings in other gold or silver. No matter your personal style, they are a stunning take on earring design. Selected to compliment your Spring/Summer up-dos. 

Earrings are a tough one for me, I am pretty picky when it comes to the size and shape. These are actually really nice, not too big, not to small, and I love the design.

Anne Taintor Wallet

In honour of Mother’s Day we couldn’t resist this cheeky wallet by artist, Anne Taintor. Keep your necessities organized in style with this spacious zip-around wallet that features a clear ID window and a vibrant, witty design. 

I love Anne Taintor. Her artwork is hilarious. The wallet isn’t really something I would use on a daily basis, but I love it none-the-less.

Your Bijoux Box Review May 2017 – Final Thoughts

Your Bijoux Box always puts together a great box. I don’t think I have ever been disappointed. It’s consistent and reliable. I always know there will be at least one amazing piece, as well as some staple pieces. Their bonus items are fabulous, and I like that they have started including pieces from familiar names. I noticed that subscribers could have received items in either gold or silver this month, I wonder if this is a new feature they are rolling out. The only complaint I have ever heard when it comes to this box is the fact that they do (or use to) include a lot of gold pieces. I wonder if they are going to implement a gold/silver preference when it comes to their subscription boxes? I think that would be a fabulous idea.


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