YumeTwins Review December 2021

YumeTwins is a Japanese subscription full of kawaii or licensed character items from popular brands. Each box will contain cute plushies and squishies, stationery, bags and pouches, accessories, or daily practical goods straight from Japan.

They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

The YumeTwins subscription has recently undergone some changes, in case you’re wondering what happened to the old beloved purple and green mailing box!

With the changes, the YumeTwins subscription now costs $37.50 per box on a monthly plan, a slight increase from the previous $35 per box. There will still be cost savings for longer term prepaid subscriptions. Subscriptions on 3-, 6-, and 12-month prepaid plans will cost $35.50, $33.50, and $32.50 per box respectively. Shipping cost varies depending on the available shipping courier for each country.

Each monthly box will still include 5-7 items to give you an experience of Japanese culture through everything kawaii. The new box promises to include stationery, household and lifestyle goods, and more character items. YumeTwins will also be adding YumeTwins Originals (these will be items designed by the YumeTwins team), and YumeTwins exclusive collaborations with brands like Sanrio to the subscription. They will also be featuring more single brand or character boxes.

The December box, featuring the All Purpose Bunny, is YumeTwin’s first ever single character collaboration. The All Purpose Bunny is an artificially bred and genetically modified rabbit with extremely long ears that could be used as tools to help humankind.

This box features all exclusive items designed specially for YumeTwins by All Purpose Bunny’s creator, Mori Chack, himself. I love that even the mailing box features the All Purpose Bunny’s adorable face! It really is too bad that the courier stuck all kinds of stickers and labels all over it, as I would have loved to keep the box.

The accompanying booklet also got a big overhaul. It is now a 19-page booklet with a lot of information on each item in the box, stories behind the month’s character, how to use the items, and background stories about Japanese culture inspiring the box.

BIG All Purpose Bunny Face Plushie

What would a YumeTwins character collaboration be without an adorable plushie? This plushie popped right out of the box the moment I opened it, and it is the cutest thing ever. The ears measure 42 cm, and can be tied in a knot to easily hang bunny. The Japanese character on Bunny’s ear is pronounced ‘Han’, the official Japanese name for the All Purpose Bunny.

All Purpose Bunny Fluffy Socks

These soft and fluffy socks feature the All Purpose Bunny with his ears in a cute knotted design. A nice toasty pair of socks is always welcome in these cold winter days! Even better when they have cute designs like this pair.

All Purpose Bunny Air Freshener

This air freshener smells amazing! It has a sweet vanilla scent that I could catch a whiff of even before I unwrapped it. It is already hanging in my closet as both an air freshener and cute decoration.

All Purpose Bunny Rubber Coaster

Next in the line up of cute bunny goodies is this bright pink coaster to bring a spark of joy to your desk or kitchen. I love rubber coasters like these because they stand up to heavy use and is so easy to wipe clean.

All Purpose Bunny Keychain

I love cute keychains and this one went on my keyring right away. Keychains like these serve a dual purpose for me. Being a cute accessory for one, and they help me find my keys when tossed into a large purse.

All Purpose Bunny Foldable Note Collection

The last item in this box is this foldable memo pad with paper designs of Bunny in various situations. I love cute notepads like these to brighten up my notebooks!

YumeTwins Review December 2021 – Final Thoughts

I am in love! YumeTwins did an amazing job with their first character collaboration. I love when subscription boxes have exclusive items that makes it all the more special and worthwhile. Everything in this box is super adorable and even useful! I am not familiar with the Bunny character, but it is now one of my favorites. Looking forward to seeing more Bunny goodies in future boxes, and also more single character collaborations like this!

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YumeTwins is a monthly care package of everything kawaii and cute from TokyoTreat.

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