YumeTwins Review June 2021

YumeTwins is a Japanese subscription full of kawaii or licensed character items from popular brands. Each box will contain cute plushies and squishies, stationery, bags and pouches, accessories, or daily practical goods straight from Japan. They kindly sent us this box for review.

Subscription Details

The YumeTwins subscription costs $35 per box on a monthly plan, with cost savings for longer term prepaid subscriptions. Subscriptions on 3-, 6-, and 12-month prepaid plans will cost $33.50, $32, and $31.50 per box respectively. Shipping ranges from $10.50-$12.50 per box depending on the available shipping courier for each country.

Each monthly box includes 5 items to give you an experience of Japanese culture through everything kawaii. Items range from plushies, toys, stationery, bags, wearable accessories, and practical goods curated around a theme.

Each YumeTwins box comes with a cute booklet that provides a brief overview of the theme, along with pictures and descriptions of each item. The booklet also contains upcoming news, activities, details for a subscriber photo contest and prizes, and photos from the YumeTwins community.

This month’s feature article teaches us all about furoshiki, a style of cloth with beautiful motifs and a high thread count commonly used in Japan to carry things around. I love the instructions given on the different ways to fold a furoshiki!

Let’s take a closer look at the June “Ghibli lunch date” box! As a huge Studio Ghibli fan who watched all the movies (some even a few times over), I am especially excited for this one after seeing what the theme is. Did you know that all the Studio Ghibli movies are now available on Netflix Canada?

Ghibli Hot N’ Cold Lunch Bag

“Make lunchtime extra special with a Jiji insulated lunch bag! A double zip fastener makes it super easy to open and close, and the material is expandable so you’ll be able to carry every last one of your favorite goodies!”

Subscribers may receive one of three designs for the lunch bag, featuring either Jiji or Totoro. I love this one that I got with Jiji in various cute poses amongst a pretty floral background.

The inside is insulated to keep your foods warm or cold. It is also really spacious! Here I fit both of the microwavable containers in this box, and there is still plenty of room to spare.

Ghibli Microwavable Containers

“Not only does this kawaii kitchenware serve as a trusty bento or lunchbox, but it also shines as a storage for leftovers. Thanks to the handy dome lid you’ll always have extra space too. Pop the air vent open when you’re ready to heat up food in the microwave.”

Love these cute containers to match my lunch bag! Having air vents on the lid allows for the cover to be left on when microwaving food, great for preventing splatter when a food cover is not readily available. Subscribers may receive one of four different designs, featuring either Totoro or Jiji.

The large container is a great size for the main meal, and the smaller one is perfect for a snack or side.

Totoro Floral Mug

“Sip your favorite drink with Totoro! Suitable for both microwave and dishwasher use, the best part of this Japan-made mug is that it’s crafted with antibacterial technology!”

Isn’t this adorable? Looking at that big grinning face of Totoro just makes me happy. Personally it’s a little too tiny for me as a drinking mug, but I am sure my little cousin will love it!

Totoro Floral Cloth Wrap

“Heading out for lunch? Wrap up your lunch box with this Totoro cloth wrap. Crafted using durable materials with cute patterns, they’ll give your lunch some major kawaii vibes.”

This is definitely my favorite item of the entire box! I love the adorable Totoro featured on the bag, and this is such a useful size. It has both handles for easy carrying, and a drawstring to close and keep everything in. If not as a lunch bag, I think this is the perfect size to house one of my current knitting projects! There are three varieties subscribers may receive, this wrap, a bottle wrap, or a furoshiki style square cloth wrap.

Final Thoughts

I may be biased because of the Ghibli theme, but this is my favorite YumeTwins box received so far. Everything is so practical and useful. This month’s box has 5 items instead of the usual 6, but I do not mind one bit. Quality over quantity! I love the lunch theme, and everything fit in so well. Looking forward to more boxes like this! If you are someone who is also a fan of Japanese characters and kawaii items, this is a box worth trying.

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