Bath Blessing Box Spoiler June 2019

The Bath Blessing Box JUNE ISLAND PARADISE BOX will transport you from the everyday to the ecstatic… from the Boardroom to the Boardwalk! This month is packed with paradise! This collection is our best month yet ~ for our Beauty and the Beach on the Boardwalk! Congratulations to you if you make a decision for selfcare! Accept this as a splash of freshness from us to you! Our spoiler alert includes partnering with awarding Sphynx all-in-one ladies razor! Take a peek at this amazing Cosmo winning product !! It’s sooo good!

In addition to the Sphynx, we have the “Get Your Glow On” Shimmering Body Oil from California’s Roses N Rose’. Look for this spoiler soon 😍

Look for more on the Sphynx and a Powerful Prize Pack!

-Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box

Bath Blessing Box is the premier Spa Subscription box for Bath and Shower Lovers. Perfect for those who prioritize their selfcare or as gift subscription for those who deserve pampering!

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