Bokksu Spoiler September 2017

Bokksu is a premium snack subscription that delivers curated boxes of authentic Japanese snacks and teas to your door every month. They are totally in love with Japanese snacks, which is why they handpick snacks that people in Japan actually eat and curate them into beautiful themed boxes.

Here are some spoilers for Bokksu’s September Box – Memories of Hokkaido

Due to its unique climate and agricultural focus, Hokkaido is renowned for its wide variety of gourmet cuisines and artisanal delicacies. From steaming butter corn ramen to sizzling Jingisukan (grilled mutton) to freshly made ice cream, Hokkaido is a veritable foodie paradise! So it’s no surprise that Executive Chef Chikara Sono of Michelin-Starred Kyo Ya was born and raised in the capital city of Hokkaido, Sapporo. Inspired by his love for snacks in childhood and trained palate in adulthood, Chef Sono thoughtfully curated this month’s assortment to showcase the delicious breadth and depth of Hokkaido’s extensive snack culture. Some of the snacks were even handpicked from shops in his neighborhood! We are honored to take you on a gourmet journey to Japan with this month’s “Memories of Hokkaido” Limited Edition Michelin Box.

Box Details: 18-20 authentic Japanese snacks and tea pairing sourced directly from Japan as well as a Tasting Guide that explains the story and flavors of each item.

Thoughts: I am very curious about a few of these snacks. They may not be items I would normally choose but Bokksu has a way of picking the best snacks and I’m sure this box will be no different. The white raspberry looks delicious!





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