Book Box Canada Shadow & Spice Spoilers December 2022

Book Box Canada is a quarterly book box, that delivers dark books you love, exclusive covers, and Canadian-made products.

Here is a peek at the 4 Shadow & Spice options for the December Book Box Canada Box…


Choose between:

  • Dark Fantasy
  • The Works
  • Dark Romance
  • Horror

What you Get:

The Full Quarterly Shadown & Spice Box will come with a minimum of 4-6 gifts along with your three books. These will highlight Canadian artists, artisans, makers and bakers and can include: self-care items, candies, chocolates, drinks, art prints, stickers, pens, notebooks, journals, mugs, home items, jewellery and more!

The Single Book Box will resemble a traditional book box from other retailers, one book, plus curated Canadian-made loot and treats!

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