Book Box Canada Shadow & Spice Spoilers March 2023

Book Box Canada is a quarterly book box, that delivers dark books you love, exclusive covers, and Canadian-made products.

Here is a peek at the March Fantasy Book Box Canada Box & the Single Book Box from Book Box Canada…

Book Box Canada has teamed up with the infamous Pepper Winters and has created this wonderfully designed and Exclusive Paperback cover of “When a Moth Loved a Bee”, including new interior design and artwork. Not only that, but we have designed a one-of-a-kind sticker that will go with each book!
This beautiful book is available to purchase exclusively through Book Box Canada. You can grab this book in our Full-Sized Fantasy March book box, which comes with two other fantasy books, a luscious bath item, a treat, a mug, a drink, a notepad and more for only $119.99.
Or grab the “When a Moth Loved a Bee” single book box, which features a luscious bath item, treats, a drink, a notepad and stickers. 

Quantities of this book box are limited. Do not miss out on this print run. 

What you Get:

The Full Quarterly Shadown & Spice Box will come with a minimum of 4-6 gifts along with your three books. These will highlight Canadian artists, artisans, makers and bakers and can include: self-care items, candies, chocolates, drinks, art prints, stickers, pens, notebooks, journals, mugs, home items, jewellery and more!

The Single Book Box will resemble a traditional book box from other retailers, one book, plus curated Canadian-made loot and treats!

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