California Found Spoiler #1 April 2019

SPOILER ALERT! It’s been a wild first half of April and we’re already down to our last few April California Found boxes! Get yours before they sell out and you’ll receive products from six California artisans including this simply chic Herkimer Diamond Necklace (Retail: $42) from 100 Graces. Perfect as a statement piece alone, or layered with some of our previous jewelry finds!

From the 100 Graces Website:

About Herkimer Diamond: A stone of attunement, Herkimer Diamond energizes, enlivens and promotes creativity. It stimulates psychic abilities, spiritual vision and guidance from higher dimensions. Herkimer Diamond clears all chakras (energy centers in the body), allowing the body to be an open channel for spiritual energy to flow. This stone is said to be good for detoxifying.

Reserve your April collection at California Found!

-California Found




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