Canuck Crate Spoilers July 2021

Canuck Crate Subscription Boxes let you discover 6-10 full-size Canadian-made snacks and beverages from all over the country. You choose the delivery terms, every 1, 2 or 3 months.

Our July subscription crates are available now, and our hint for you is “FRUITY”!

Our small crate will be loaded with at least 6 ‘fruity’ snacks, and our large will be filled with at least 9 ‘fruity’ snacks! If you are new to Canuck Crate, use the code FIRSTCRATE to get 10% off of your first subscription crate!

What You Get:  Canuck Crate has 2 subscription options to choose from…..

Small Crate: Discover 6-7 FULL SIZE products each crate delivery.

Large Crate: Discover 8-10 FULL SIZE products each crate delivery.

Selected products from over 50 local companies (and counting!) across Canada to bring you snacks and beverages including cookies, brittle, chia seed pudding, chocolate, chips, baking mixes, squares, bars and protein bites, jams and spreads, roasted nuts, freezies, teas, latte mixes, and a whole lot more!

-Canuck Crate

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