Celebrate States FULL Spoilers August 2021

Celebrate States allows you to explore U.S. states, support small businesses and take a mini vacation without leaving home!

Here is a peek at the August “Texas Bluebonnet” Celebrate States box….

Everything is bigger in Texas! This Celebrate States Texas Bluebonnet box is packed full of items from small businesses across Texas! It is also customizable. If you want to take the spice level down a notch, let us know in the survey at checkout. If you want a more TX and less bluebonnet, we have a more masculine version. Travel the great state of Texas with us this month and discover Texas gold with the Celebrate States Texas Bluebonnet box. 
We are also excited to say we were able to get a new shipping rate to Canada so our shipping has dropped to $22.00!

What You Get: Celebrate States boxes are packed full of fun items from small businesses in each state. You will receive items, made in the “Celebrated State” that are foods, beauty, and home goods. The boxes also contain interactive material and travel material about the state.


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