Celebrate States FULL Spoilers May 2022

Celebrate States allows you to explore U.S. states, support small businesses and take a mini vacation without leaving home!

Here is a peek at the May Celebrate States box….

Kentucky Derby Box

Explore beautiful Kentucky country! From Lawrenceville to Louisville, this Kentucky Derby Box Celebrates a state that loves horse racing, college basketball, and Bluegrass. Receive 7 cool and unique items, most of which are made in Kentucky by small businesses. Try some unique tastes and enjoy the useful home, bath, and body products. Come visit Kentucky with us!
*Pretzels pictured above were replaced with chocolate roses due to shipping issues.

What You Get: Celebrate States boxes are packed full of fun items from small businesses in each state. You will receive items, made in the “Celebrated State” that are foods, beauty, and home goods. The boxes also contain interactive material and travel material about the state.


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